World Team Trials

Men’s freestyle Championship Results

Sunday in Lincoln, Neb.

61 kg

1st - Daton Fix (Titan Mercury WC/CWC, Oklahoma State) vs. Nathan Tomasello (Titan Mercury WC/OKRTC, Ohio State), two matches to none

Bout One –Fix dec. Tomasello, 8-3

Bout Two – Fix dec. Tomasello, 7-0

3rd – Carter Young (Cowboy WC) dec. Seth Gross (Sunkist Kids), 15-12

65 kg

1st - Yianni Diakomihalis (Titan Mercury WC/Spartan Combat RTC, Cornell) dec. Joey McKenna (Titan Mercury WC/PRTC, Ohio State) , two matches to one

Bout One –McKenna dec. Diakomihalis, 8-7

Bout Two – Diakomihalis dec. McKenna, 5-2

Bout Three – Diakomihalis tech. fall McKenna, 12-2

3rd –Evan Henderson (Titan Mercury WC/Ohio RTC) tech. fall Luke Pletcher (Titan Mercury WC/Pitt RTC)

70 kg

1st - James Green (Titan Mercury WC/SERTC, Nebraska) dec. Ryan Deakin (Titan Mercury WC/Wildcat WC. Northwestern ), two matches to none

Bout One – Green dec. Deakin, 6-6

Bout Two – Green dec. Deakin 4-2

3rd – Zain Retherford (Titan Mercury WC/NLWC, Penn State ) tech. fall Tyler Berger (Titan Mercury WC/California RTC), Nebraska, 11-0, 2:49

79 kg

1st - Jordan Burroughs (Sunkist Kids, Nebraska) dec. Alex Dieringer (Titan Mercury WC/CKWC, Oklahoma State ), two matches to none

Bout One –Burroughs dec. Dieringer, 10-5

Bout Two – Burroughs dec. Dieringer, 4-3

3rd – Carter Starocci (Titan Mercury WC/NLWC, Penn State) dec. Jason Nolf (Titan Mercury WC/NLWC, Penn State), two matches to none

92 kg

1st - J’den Cox (Titan Mercury WC/NJRTC, Missouri ) dec. Kollin Moore (Titan Mercury WC/Ohio RTC, Ohio State), two matches to none

Bout One – Cox dec. Moore, 5-0

Bout Two – Cox dec. Moore, 4-0

3rd – Trent Hidlay (Titan Mercury WC) dec. Drew Foster (Panther WC RTC), 8-1

125 kg

1st - Nick Gwiazdowski (TMWC/Spartan Combat RTC, North Carolina State) dec. Mason Parris (Cliff Keen WC, Michigan), two matches to none

Bout One – Gwiazdowski dec. Parris, 6-0

Bout Two – Gwiazdowski dec. Parris, 10-3

3rd – Hayden Zillmer (Gopher WC RTC) dec. Dominique Bradley (Sunkist Kids), 4-2

Note: Olympic medalists qualify for World Championships in October in Oslo, Norway> Medalists are: 57 K, Thomas Gilman, NLWC; 74 K, Kyle Dake, Cornell; 86 K, NLWC; 86 K, David Taylor, NLWC; 125 K, Gable Steveson, Minnesota, declined to participate.

Greco-Roman Championship Results

55 kg

1st - Max Nowry (Army WCAP) dec. Brady Koontz (TMWC), two matches to none

Bout One – Nowry dec. Koontz, 2-1

Bout Two – Nowry dec. Koontz, 3-1

3rd – Dalton Duffield (Army WCAP) pin Jacob Cochran (Florida), 1:52

60 kg

1st - Dalton Roberts (Army WCAP) dec. Ildar Hafizov (Army WCAP), two matches to one

Bout One –Hafizov dec. Roberts, 3-2

Bout Two – Roberts dec. Hafizov, 5-3

Bout Three -Roberts tech. fall Hafizov, 9-0

3rd – King Sandoval (Bandits WC) tech. fall Dylan Koontz (Titan Mercury WC)

63 kg

1st - Sam Jones (NYAC) dec. David Stepanian (NYAC), two matches to none

Bout One –Jones tech fall Stepanian, 9-0, 2:01

Bout Two – Jones dec. Stepanian, 10-6

3rd – Dylan Gregerson (Brunson UVRTC) tech. fall We Rachal (Illinois RTC/Illini WC)

67 kg

1st - Peyton Omania (NYAC) dec. Alejandro Sancho (Army WCAP), two matches to none

Bout One –Omania dec. Sancho, 6-3

Bout Two – Omania dec. Sancho, 3-2

3rd – Hayden Tuma (Suples WC) tech. fall Jesse Thielke (Army WCAP), 8-0, 1:08

72 kg

1st - Patrick Smith (Minnesota Storm) dec. Benjamin Peak (Sunkist Kids), two matches to none

Bout One – Smith dec. Peak, 3-3

Bout Two – Smith dec. Peak 6-4

3rd –Jamel Johnson (Marines) dec. Michael Hooker (Army WCAP), 7-4

77 kg

1st - Jesse Porter (NYAC) dec. Fritz Schierl (Titan Mercury WC/Ohio RTC), two matches to none

Bout One – Porter tech. fall. Schierl, 9-0

Bout Two – Porter dec. Schierl, 9-7

3rd – Britton Holmes (Army WCAP) tech. fall Peyton Walsh (Marines), 14-6, 3:57

82 kg

1st - Ben Provisor (NYAC) dec. Spencer Woods (Army WCAP), two matches to none

Bout One – Provisor dec. Woods, 7-1

Bout Two – Provisor dec. Woods, 4-2

3rd - Richard Carlson (Minnesota Storm) dec. Tommy Brackett (Gator WC), 6-4

87 kg

1st - Alan Vera (NYAC) dec.. Ryan Epps (Minnesota Storm), two matches to none

Bout One – Vera tech. fall Epps, 9-0

Bout Two – Vera tech. fall Epps, 8-0

3rd – Tanner Hannah (Combat WC School of Wrestling) dec. George Sikes (NYAC), 4-3

97 kg

1st - G’Angelo Hancock (Sunkist Kids) dec. Nicholas Boykin (Sunkist Kids) , two matches to one

Bout One –Hancock dec. Boykin, 8-2

Bout Two – Hancock dec. Boykin, 5-0

3rd – Khymba Johnson (NYAC) tech. fall James Souza (Army WCAP), 9-0

130 kg

1st - Cohlton Schultz (Sunkist Kids) dec. Jacob Mitchell (Army WCAP), two matches to one

Bout One – Mitchell dec. Schultz, 4-2

Bout Two – Schultz tech. fall Mitchell, 8-0 in 1:00

Bout Three – Schultz dec. Mitchell, 6-0

3rd – Tanner Farmer (NYAC) tech. fall Donny Longendyke (Minnesota), 8-0, 2:03

Women’s freestyle championship results

53 kg

1st - Amy Fearnside (Titan Mercury WC/USOPTC) dec. Ronna Heaton (Sunkist Kids), two matches to none

Bout One – Fearnside dec. Heaton, 5-3

Bout Two – Fearnside dec. Heaton, 3:29

3rd – Arena Villaescusa (Army WCAP) by forfeit over Alyssa Lampe (Sunkist Kids)

55 kg

1st - Jenna Burkert (Army WCAP) dec. Jacarra Winchester (Titan Mercury WC/USOPTC), two matches to one

Bout One –Burkert dec. Winchester, 7-6

Bout Two – Winchester dec. Burkert, 9-8

Bout Three – Burkert dec. Winchester, 4-3

3rd – Marissa Gallegos (Colorado Mesa WC) pin Amanda Martinez (Cardinal WC), 4:49

59 kg

1st - Maya Nelson (Sunkist Kids) dec. Megan Black (Army WCAP), two matches to none

Bout One –Nelson dec. Black, 5-4

Bout Two – Nelson pin Black, 5:13

3rd – Xochilt Mota-Pettis (Rise RTC) tech. fall Michaela Beck (Sunkist Kids), 10-0, 1:59

62 kg

1st - Kayla Miracle (Sunkist Kids) vs. Mallory Velte (Titan Mercury WC/Beaver Dam RTC) two matches to none

Bout One – Miracle dec. Velte, 5-3

Bout Two – Miracle dec. Velte, 10-2

3rd – Jennifer Page (Titan Mercury WC/NLWC) dec. Gracie Figueroa (Titan Mercury WC), 8-6

65 kg

1st - Forrest Molinari (Sunkist Kids) dec. Emma Bruntil (Titan Mercury WC/Bearcat WC), two matches to none

Bout One – Molinari dec. Bruntil, 4-3

Bout Two – Molinari dec. Bruntil, 9-0

3rd – Alara Boyd (McKendree Bearcat WC) dec. Skylar Grote (NYAC/Beaver Dam RTC), 7-4

72 kg

1st - Kylie Welker (Titan Mercury WC) dec. Kennedy Blades (Sunkist Kids), 2 matches to none

Bout One – Welker dec. Blades, 4-4

Bout Two – Welker inj. dft. Blades, 4:02

3rd – Yelena Makoyed (Cardinal WC) dec. Dymond Guilford (Titan Mercury WC/USOPTC), 10-8

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