WILLIAMSPORT — Just moments after he had spun behind Hughesville’s Caleb Burkhart for the winning sudden-victory takedown in the final bout of the District 4 2A wrestling tournament at Williamsport Area High School, Emmanuel Ulrich raised his arms in celebration.

It was really a solitary moment of triumph for the Mifflinburg heavyweight since no fans were allowed inside the venerable Magic Dome thanks to COVID protocols. Any of the Wildcats faithful were sharing his joy long distance via the Trackwrestling live stream. Still, it was a moment to celebrate.

Ulrich, who lost in the finals as a freshman last season, was the lone area wrestler to capture a gold medal but 11 others punched their ticket to Saturday’s Northeast Regional tournament and kept their postseason hopes alive.

Returning to Williamsport are Warrior Run’s Kaden Milheim (3rd at 113) and Kaden Majcher (3rd at 120); Meadowbrook Christian’s Cade Wirnsberger (4th at 132) and Gunner Treibley (5th at 285); Milton’s Kyler Crawford (3rd at 145) and Nathan Ruach (3rd at 215); Lewisburg’s Kaiden Wagner (2nd at 132), Jace Gessner (5th at 106), and Logan Bartlett (4th at 138); and Mifflinburg’s Gabe Gramly (3rd at 126)and Troy Bingaman (4th at 145).

Each of those wrestlers will need at least third-place finish at the regional tournament to move on to the Super Regional tournament scheduled for Martz Hall in Pottsville.

Ulrich improved his record to 25-1 this season — his lone loss coming at the hands of former 3A state champion Nate Schon of Selinsgrove — with his critical takedown against Burkhart, a wrestler he had pinned earlier in the season. He squeaked by Treibley, 1-0, in his quarterfinal match and then handled Central Columbia’s Logan McWilliams, 8-2, in the semifinals.

“He just keeps getting better and putting together good tournaments,” said Mifflinburg coach Derek Reber. “I thought he wrestled well.” Wagner settled for his runner-up finish when he didn’t have his day according to Lewisburg head coach Justin Michaels. The Green Dragons junior used a pair of narrow 6-5 victories earlier in the day to reach the final at 132, beating Benton’s Dylan Granahan in the quarterfinals and Liam Goodrich of Jersey Shore in the semifinals.

“He didn’t have his best stuff today but he found a way to win and at this time of year that’s the name of the game,” Michaels said. “Kaiden will be the first to tell you that he didn’t look good today but he found a way to win a couple of tight matches.”

Mifflinburg’s Gramly was smack in the middle of the tournament’s toughest bracket — 126 pounds where four returning state qualifiers were slotted — and was a couple of seconds from reaching the finals. But an escape by Muncy’s Scott Johnson in the tiebreaker portion of overtime handed Gramly a tough 3-2 loss.

“Once they got to overtime, I think Gabe was a little gassed,” Reber said. “Johnson looked tired, as well. I just think Gabe didn’t get his offense going in that match. He went upper body a lot instead of taking shots. Then in overtime he just couldn’t hold him down.”

Gramly bounced back by getting a fall in the consy semi finals and then beat Southern Columbia’s Kole Biscoe, 6-4, for third place.

Warrior Run’s lightweight duo of Kaden Milheim and Kade Majcher both moved on with third-place finishes. Milheim was edged by eventual champion Gavin Bradley, 4-3, in the semifinals and Majcher was also beaten in the semis by an eventual champion, Southern Columbia’s Mason Barvitskie, 6-1.

“I thought they both wrestled well in tough weight classes today,” said Warrior Run coach Justin Betz. “I mean, it’s all about advancing at this time of the season, right? They did that so I have to be happy. They both found ways to win tough matches and that’s what they needed to do to extend their seasons.”

Milheim blanked Southern’s Brady Feese, 5-0, in the third-place bout while Majcher slipped past Montgomery’s Caden Finck, 6-4.

On a day when two seniors, Aven Ayala and Jason Valladares, had their seasons cut short by injuries, Milton still managed to get a pair of third-place finishes with Crawford and Rauch.

Crawford got caught and was pinned in the second period of his semifinal with Nate Higley of Sullivan County but responded with a fall in the consy semifinals and then used a late reversal to pull out a 2-1 victory over Mifflinburg’s Bingaman for third place.

“Higley is going to wrestle you and put you on in positions you’re not familiar with,” Milton coach Josh Anspach said. “Kyler wrestled well, though, and he’s familiar with Bingaman. He just needs to be confident and not look past anybody.”

Rauch had a particularly good day on the way to his third place, dominating Williamson’s Mike Sipps, 13-6, and pinning Towanda’s Clay Watkins. He grabbed third when Mount Carmel’s Damon Backes opted not to wrestle the consolation final. Rauch’s only loss was a fall at the hands of champion Dylan Bennett of Montoursville.

“Nathan wrestled well today,” Anspach said. “Bennett is on a different level but that was a 5-2 match when Nathan was pinned. For him, it’s all about confidence and I think he had that today.”

An apparent reversal that was taken away after it was awarded made a huge difference in Wirnsberger’s day. Instead of a 2-1 win over Midd-West’s Conner Heckman in the quarterfinals, he dropped a 1-0 heartbreaker when the reversal was wiped away. He rebounded with a pair of 5-1 wins in the consolations but fell 2-1 to Muncy’s Bryce Vollman in the battle for third.

Southern Columbia claimed it’s fourth consecutive team championship, 173.5-106.5, over runner-up Montoursville. The Tigers sent all nine wrestlers to the regional tournament.

District 4 Class 2A Tournament Saturday at Williamsport

Team standings: 1. Southern Columbia, 168.5; 2. Montoursville, 106.5; 3. Benton, 101.5; 4. Montgomery, 88.5; 5. Muncy, 65; 6. Line Mountain, 64; 7. Jersey Shore, 59.5; 8. Mifflinburg, 50; 9. Milton, 49; 10. Athens, 39; 11. Lewisburg, 38; 12. Central Columbia, 36; 13. Midd-West, 34; 14. Warrior Run, 31.5; 15. Danville, 30; 16. South Williamsport, 28; 17. Canton, 27; 18. Sullivan County, 26; t-19. Hughesville, 20; t-19. Williamson, 20; 21. Meadowbrook Christian, 19; 22. Bloomsburg, 17; t-23. North Penn-Liberty, 13; t-23. Troy, 13; t-23. Mount Carmel, 13; 26, Wyalusing, 12; 27. Shamokin, 10; 28. Towanda, 8; 29. Loyalsock, 0. Team key: Athens, At; Benton, Be; Bloomsburg, Bl; Canton, Ca; Central Columbia, CC; Danville, Da; Hughesville, Hu; Jersey Shore, JS; Lewisburg, Le; Line Mountain, LM; Loyalsock, Lo; Meadowbrook Christian, MC; Midd-West, MW; Mifflinburg, Mf; Milton, Mi; Montgomery, Mg; Montoursville, Mt; Mount Carmel, MC; Muncy, Mu; North Penn-Liberty, NP; Shamokin, Sh; South Williamsport, SW; Southern Columbia, SC; Sullivan County, Su; Towanda, To; Troy, Tr; Warrior Run, WR; Williamson, Wi; Wyalusing, Wy.

Preliminary round

106: Blake Sassaman, Da, maj. dec. Cohen Landis, Ca, 17-6. 113: Blake Snyder, Mg, pinned Brody Long, LM, 2:59. 120: Andrew Johnson, Da, pinned Carter Gontarz, Wi, 1:20. 126: Jacob Courtney, At, dec. Lane Schadel, LM, 10-6. 132: Conner Heckman, MW, tech. fall Patriot June, NP, 16-0. 138: T.J. Walter, Mi, dec. Morgan Gavitt, Hu, 14-9. 145: Kayden Frame, Mt, maj. dec. Hudson Ward, Ca, 9-0. 152: Weston Whapham, Da, pinned Christopher Bathgate, At, :59. 160: Kaide Drick, Mg, pinned Karter Rude, At, 3:46. 172: Colby Springman, Mg, pinned Mason Woodward, Tr, 2:00. 189: Derek Atherton-Ely, Ca, inj. def. Aven Ayala, Mi, :19. 215: Dyllian Ross, JS, pinned Quentin Doane, Mf, 2:41. 285: Gunner Treibley, MC, dec. Alex Perez, To, 2-1.


106: Branden Wentzel, Mt, pinned Blake Sassaman, Da, :22; Nolan Baumert, LM, dec. Clayton Carr, Wy, 9-2; Chase Burke, Be, dec. Jace Gessner, 5-0; Brock Weiss, JS, tech. fall Josh Hill, Mu, 23-8, 5:22. 113: Gavin Bradley, At, pinned Blake Snyder, Mg, :52; Kaden Milheim, WR, maj. dec. Wade Alleman, Sh, 15-2; Brady Feese, SC, pinned Joseph Schwenk, Tr, 1:41; Bobby Gardner, SW, pinned Rocky Finnegan, Su, :41. 120: Ethan Kolb, Be, dec. Andrew Johnson, Da, 3-0; Aidan Kritzer, LM, pinned Mason Vanderpool, At, :33; Kaden Majcher, WR, maj. dec. Isaac Landis, Ca, 10-0; Mason Barvitskie, SC, maj. dec. Caden Finck, Mg, 11-2. 126: Gable Strickland, Be, tech. fall Jacob Courtney, At, 18-2, 2:55; Kole Biscoe, SC, pinned Hunter Manahan, Wy, 2:16; Scott Johnson, Mu, maj. dec. Seth Seymour, Tr, 16-6; Gabe Gramly, Mf, pinned Hunter Leet, Mg, :16. 132: Conner Heckman, MW, dec. Cade Wirnsberger, MC, 1-0; Mason Leshock, LM, pinned Bailey Ferguson, Ca, 1:41; Liam Goodrich, JS, pinned Bryce Vollman, Mu, 5:04; Kaiden Wagner, Le, dec. Dylan Granahan, Be, 6-5. 138: Hayden Ward, Ca, maj. dec. T.J. Walter, Mi, 13-3; Logan Bartlett, Le, dec. Isaac Kester, CC, 4-3; Ian Yoder, SC, maj. dec. Kaden Setzer, At, 15-4; Conner Harer, Mg, tech. fall Skyler Manahan, Wy, 21-4, 3:03. 145: Patrick Edmondson, SC, pinned Kayden Frame, Mt, 1:06; Gabe Andrus, JS, pinned Remington Morrow, Be, 3:51; Kyler Crawford, Mi, maj. dec. Kaden Rodarmel, Lo, 9-0; Nate Higley, Su, pinned Troy Bingaman, Mf, 3:00. 152: Isaac Cory, Mt, tech. fall Weston Whapham, Da, 19-4, 5:30; Brandon Gedman, SC, pinned Michael Davis, Ca, 4:59; Devon Deem, Mg, pinned Nick Woodruff, Wy, 4:38; Troy Johnson, CC, pinned Bryce Carl, LM, 5:20. 160: Avery Bassett, MW, pinned Kaide Drick, Mg, :50; Ty Nixon, Mu, dec. Tyler Bauder, JS, 7-4; Garrett Garcia, SC, pinned Riley Parker, Ca, 1:54; Nolan Lear, Be, pinned Brady Cromley, Le, 1:56. 172: Gavin Garcia, SC, pinned Colby Springman, Mg, 3:57; Stephen Roeder, Bl, dec. Zach Stafursky, At, 6-2; Kohen Lehman, NP, pinned Caden Hagerman, Da, 3:50; Ethan Gush, Mu, pinned Jason Valladares, Mi, 3:59. 189: Cael Crebs, Mt, pinned Derek Atherton-Ely, Ca, 2:53; Jacob Feese, LM, pinned Zach Shaffer, Wy, 1:02; Hayden Packer, JS, pinned Ben Marino, Mg, 1:11; Wes Barnes, SC, pinned Ryan Casella, SW, 1:14. 215: Dylan Bennett, Mt, pinned Dyllian Ross, JS, 1:21; Nathan Rauch, Mi, dec. Mikey Sipps, Wi, 13-6; Zach Poust, Be, dec. Clay Watkins, To, 3-1, sv; Damon Backes, MC, pinned Brad Leon, Mg, 1:13. 285: Emmanuel Ulrich, Mf, dec. Gunner Treibley, MC, 1-0; Logan McWilliams, CC, dec. Lee Springman, JS, 3-2; Kade Sottolano, Wi, pinned Nolan Loss, Mi, :32; Caleb Burkhart, Hu, pinned Ryan Weidner, MC, 1:28.

Championship semifinals

106: Branden Wentzel, Mt, maj. dec. Nolan Baumert, LM, 11-3; Brock Weiss, JS, dec. Chase Burke, Be, 5-1. 113: Gavin Bradley, At, dec. Kaden Milheim, WR, 4-3; Bobby Gardner, SW, dec. Brady Feese, SC, 4-2. 120: Ethan Kolb, Be, dec. Aidan Kritzer, LM, 2-1; Mason Barvitskie, SC, dec. Kaden Majcher, WR, 6-1. 126: Gable Strickland, Be, dec. Kole Biscoe, SC, 6-1; Scott Johnson, Mu, dec. Gabe Gramly, Mf, 3-2, UTB. 132: Mason Leshock, LM, dec. Conner Heckman, MW, 12-8; Kaiden Wagner, Le, dec. Liam Goodrich, JS, 6-5. 138: Hayden Ward, Ca, dec. Logan Bartlett, Le, 2-0; Conner Harer, Mg, dec. Ian Yoder, SC, 8-2. 145: Patrick Edmondson, SC, pinned Gabe Andrus, JS, 2:25; Nate Higley, Su, pinned Kyler Crawford, Mi, 2:25*. 152: Isaac Cory, Mt, maj. dec. Brandon Gedman, SC, 8-0; Devon Deem, Mg, pinned Troy Johnson, CC, 1:12. 160: Avery Bassett, MW, tech. fall Ty Nixon, Mu, 15-0, 3:55; Nolan Lear, Be, dec. Garrett Garcia, SC, 5-2. 172: Gavin Garcia, SC, maj. dec. Stephen Roeder, Bl, 11-1; Ethan Gush, Mu, dec. Kohen Lehman, NP, 4-2. 189: Cael Crebs, Mt, maj. dec. Jacob Feese, LM, 12-3; Wes Barnes, SC, dec. Hayden Packer, JS, 5-3, sv. 215: Dylan Bennett, Mt, pinned Nathan Rauch, Mi, 3:58; Zach Poust, Be, dec. Damon Backes, MC, 3-1, sv. 285: Emmanuel Ulrich, Mf, dec. Logan McWilliams, CC, 8-2; Caleb Burkhart, Hu, dec. Kade Sottolano, Wi, 8-2. *-Sullivan County penalized one team point for unsportsmanlike conduct on the coaching staff.

Consolation quarterfinals

106: Blake Sassaman, Da, maj. dec. Clayton Carr, Wy, 9-0; Jace Gessner, Le, dec. Josh Hill, Mu, 4-2. 113: Wade Alleman, Sh, pinned Blake Snyder, Mg, 3:36; Joseph Schwenk, Tr, pinned Rocky Finnegan, Su, 2:12. 120: Andrew Johnson, Da, pinned Mason Vanderpool, At, :59; Caden Finck, Mg, dec. Isaac Landis, Ca, 7-1. 126: Jacob Courtney, At, dec. Hunter Manahan, Wy, 7-3; Seth Seymour, Tr, pinned Hunter Leet, Mg, 2:46. 132: Cade Wirnsberger, MC, dec. Bailey Ferguson, Ca, 5-1; Bryce Vollman, Mu, dec. Dylan Granahan, Be, 3-1. 138: Isaac Kester, CC, dec. T.J. Walter, Mi, 6-2; Kaden Setzer, At, maj. dec. Skyler Manahan, Wy, 10-2. 145: Kayden Frame, Mt, maj. dec. Remington Morrow, Be, 12-1; Troy Bingaman, Mf, dec. Kaden Rodarmel, Lo, 7-0. 152: Weston Whapham, Da, pinned Michael Davis, Ca, 4:03; Nick Woodruff, Wy, dec. Bryce Carl, LM, 6-5. 160: Kaide Drick, Mg, dec. Tyler Bauder, JS, 6-4; Riley Parker, Ca, dec. Brady Cromley, Le, 11-4. 172: Colby Springman, Mg, pinned Zach Stafursky, At, 1:41; Jason Valladares, Mi, pinned Caden Hagerman, Da, :45. 189: Zach Shaffer, Wy, dec. Derek Atherton-Ely, Ca, 10-5; Ryan Casella, SW, pinned Ben Marino, Mg, 2:22. 215: Mikey Sipps, Wi, dec. Dyllian Ross, JS, 9-2; Clay Watkins, To, pinned Brad Leon, Mg, 4:59. 285: Gunner Treibley, MC, pinned Lee Springman, JS, 2:20; Nolan Loss, Mi, pinned Ryan Weidner, MC, 2:51.

Consolation semifinals

106: Chase Burke, Be, pinned Blake Sassaman, Da, 2:09; Nolan Baumert, LM, maj. dec. Jace Gessner, Le, 8-0. 113: Brady Feese, SC, pinned Wade Alleman, Sh, 2:08; Kaden Milheim, WR, tech. fall Joseph Schwenk, Tr, 17-2, 3:55. 120: Kaden Majcher, WR, dec. Andrew Johnson, Da, 3-1, tb; Caden Finck, Mg, dec. Aidan Kritzer, LM, 8-3. 126: Gabe Gramly, Mf, pinned Jacob Courtney, At, 2:23; Kole Biscoe, SC, pinned Seth Seymour, Tr, 2:26. 132: Cade Wirnsberger, MC, dec. Liam Goodrich, JS, 5-1; Bryce Vollman, Mu, dec. Conner Heckman, MW, 2-1. 138: Ian Yoder, SC, tech. fall Isaac Kester, CC, 15-0, 3:41; Logan Bartlett, Le, pinned Kaden Setzer, At, 2:33. 145: Kyler Crawford, Mi, pinned Kayden Frame, Mt, :36; Troy Bingaman, Mf, maj. dec. Gabe Andrus, JS, 9-0. 152: Troy Johnson, CC, pinned Weston Whapham, Da, 2:12; Brandon Gedman, SC, dec. Nick Woodruff, Wy, 2-0. 160: Garrett Garcia, SC, pinned Kaide Drick, Mg, :44; Ty Nixon, Mu, maj. dec. Riley Parker, Ca, 16-3. 172: Kohen Lehman, NP, dec. Colby Springman, Mg, 7-5, sv; Stephen Roeder, Bl, pinned Jason Valladares, Mi, 2:43. 189: Hayden Packer, JS, pinned Zach Shaffer, Wy, :56; Jacob Feese, LM, pinned Ryan Casella, SW, 4:15. 215: Damon Backes, MC, dec. Mikey Sipps, Wi, 5-1; Nathan Rauch, Mi, pinned Clay Watkins, To, 3:36. 285: Kade Sottolano, Wi, dec. Gunner Treibley, MC, 3-1; Logan McWilliams, CC, pinned Nolan Loss, Mi, :50.

Fifth-place consolations

(Winner advances to Northeast Regional tournament) 106: Jace Gessner, Le, dec. Blake Sassaman, Da, 8-3. 113: Wade Alleman, Sh, pinned Joseph Schwenk, Tr, 2:06. 120: Andrew Johnson, Da, dec. Aidan Kritzer, LM, 5-2. 126: Seth Seymour, Tr, dec. Jacob Courtney, At, 6-4, sv. 132: Conner Heckman, MW, pinned Liam Goodrich, JS, 3:53. 138: Kaden Setzer, At, pinned Isaac Kester, CC, 4:17. 145: Gabe Andrus, JS, dec. Kayden Frame, Mt, 5-4. 152: Nick Woodruff, Wy, pinned Weston Whapham, Da, 3:26. 160: Kaide Drick, Mg, dec. Riley Parker, Ca, 9-5. 172: Colby Springman, Mg, inj. def. Jason Valladares, Mi, 2:21. 189: Ryan Casella, SW, dec. Zach Shaffer, Wy, 8-7. 215: Clay Watkins, To, dec. Mikey Sipps, Wi, 3-1. 285: Gunner Treibley, MC, dec. Nolan Loss, Mi, 12-6.

Third-place consolations

(Both advance to Northeast Regional tournament) 106: Chase Burke, Be, pinned Nolan Baumert, LM, 1:54. 113: Kaden Milheim, WR, dec. Brady Feese, SC, 5-0. 120: Kaden Majcher, WR, dec. Caden Finck, Mg, 5-2. 126: Gabe Gramly, Mf, dec. Kole Biscoe, SC, 6-4. 132: Bryce Vollman, Mu, dec. Cade Wirnsberger, MC, 2-1. 138: Ian Yoder, SC, dec. Logan Bartlett, Le, 6-4, sv. 145: Kyler Crawford, Mi, dec. Troy Bingaman, Mf, 2-1. 152: Troy Johnson, CC, dec. Brandon Gedman, SC, 5-1. 160: Ty Nixon, Mu, dec. Garrett Garcia, SC, 2-1. 172: Stephen Roeder, Bl, maj. dec. Kohen Lehman, NP, 16-3. 189: Jacob Feese, LM, dec. Hayden Packer, JS, 3-2. 215: Nathan Rauch, Mi, won by forfeit Damon Backes, MC. 285: Kade Sottolano, Wi, dec. Logan McWilliams, CC, 1-0.

Championship finals

(Both advance to Northeast Regional tournament) 106: Branden Wentzel, Mt, dec. Brock Weiss, JS, 3-1, sv. 113: Gavin Bradley, At, dec. Bobby Gardner, SW, 7-1. 120: Mason Barvitskie, SC, dec. Ethan Kolb, Be, 4-0. 126: Gable Strickland, Be, dec. Scott Johnson, Mu, 9-4. 132: Mason Leshock, LM, dec. Kaiden Wagner, Le, 6-0. 138: Conner Harer, Mg, pinned Hayden Ward, Ca, :32. 145: Nate Higley, Su, maj. dec. Patrick Edmondson, SC, 11-1. 152: Devon Deem, Mg, dec. Isaac Cory, Mt, 2-1, UTB. 160: Nolan Lear, Be, dec. Avery Bassett, MW, 3-2. 172: Gavin Garcia, SC, dec. Ethan Gush, Mu, 9-2. 189: Cael Crebs, Mt, dec. Wes Barnes, SC, 5-0. 215: Dylan Bennett, Mt, pinned Zach Poust, Be, 1:54. 285: Emmanuel Ulrich, Mf, dec. Caleb Burkhart, Hu, 3-1, sv. District 4 Coach of the Year: Kent Lane, Southern Columbia District 4 Assistant Coach of the Year: Bo Spiller, Southern Columbia District 4 Official of the Year: Rocky Miller. Max Shnyder scholarship award winners: Nate Higley, Sullivan County; Dylan Bennett, Montoursville; Kyler Crawford, Milton.

District 4/9 Class 3A Tournament Saturday at Clearfield

Team standings and key: 1. Williamsport (W) 177.5; 2. Clearfield (C) 152; 3. Selinsgrove (Sel) 149; 4. DuBois (D) 87; 5. Shikellamy (Shik) 74; 6. St. Marys (SM) 69.5; 7. Punxsutawney (P) 32.5; 8. Bradford (B) 25.


106: Alex Reed (Shik) pinned Blake Rising (Sel), 0:40; Evan Davis (C) pinned Isaac Beyer (SM), 0:35; Dysen Gould (P) tech. fall Aubrey Donahue (D), 19-4, 1:35. 126: Trent Turner (Sel) pinned Blaize Souder (Shik), 3:28. 132: Andrew Wolfganger (SM) m. dec. Justin Hand (C), 8-0; Braden Bower (W) pinned Cadin Delaney (D), 1:01; Brett Thompson (B) pinned Charles Keener (Shik), 5:25. 138: Austin Stugart (W) dec. Nick Koontz (Shik), 10-6; Tristan Dilley (SM) pinned Sylvan Martin (Sel), 3:32. 145: Garrett Paradis (Sel) dec. Caleb Yoder (Shik), 5-0. 152: Josiah Foss (Sel) dec. Logan Mosier (SM), 9-8; Coltyn Sempko (Shik) pinned Will Domico (C), 2:54; Brady Smith (P) pinned Andrea Wilmoth (D), 0:20. 160: Wyatt Reorda (C) pinned Kaden Snelick (SM), 3:43; Drew Balestrini (Shik) pinned Cascius Rissmiller (B), 0:53. 172: Gage Wolfe (Shik) pinned Ryan White (D), 4:00; Carter Chamberlain (C) pinned Cale Bastian (Sel), 3:03; Sebastian Robinson (W) pinned Luke Kerr (B), 0:34. 189: Josh Miller (P) pinned Mason Rebuck (Shik), 5:05; Waylon Wehler (SM) pinned Michael Gow (B), 0:25; Steven Miller (Sel) pinned Ryan Dunlap (W), 1:04. 215: Jeremy Garthwaite (SM) tech. fall Zach Gallagher (D), 16-0, 3:59. 285: Charles Crewes (W) pinned Ja’reese Stowe (D).

Consolation of four

106: Isaac Beyer (SM) pinned Aubrey Donahue (D), 1:48. 132: Cadin Delaney (D) dec. Charles Keener (Shik), 6-4, SV. 152: Will Domico (C) m. dec. Andrea Wilmoth (D), 12-0. 172: Cale Bastian (Sel) pinned Luke Kerr (B), 1:43. 189: Ryan Dunlap (W) pinned Michael Gow (B), 1:26.


106: Cael Nasdeo (W) pinned Alex Reed (Shik), 1:32; Evan Davis (C) pinned Dysen Gould (P), 0:43. 113: Luke Seagraves (W) pinned Devan Poe (B), 0:45. 120: Devin Harris (W) dec. Leo Martinez (Sel), 5-1. 126: Carter Weaver (W) pinned Trent Turner (S), 0:41; Brendan Orr (D) dec. Nolan Barr (C), 5-3, SV. 132: Aiden Gaugler (Sel) tech. fall Andrew Wolfganger (SM), 16-1, 4:40; Braden Bower (W) dec. Brett Thompson (B), 5-1. 138: Chandler Ho (D) tech. fall Austin Stugart (W), 15-0, 2:34; Luke Freeland (C) m. dec. Tristan Dilley (SM), 11-1. 145: Riley Bower (W) pinned Garrett Paradis (Sel), 1:34; Karson Kline (C) dec. Austin Mitchell (D), 4-2. 152: Roman Morone (W) pinned Josiah Foss (Sel), 2:24; Brady Smith (P) m. dec. Coltyn Sempko (Shik), 15-4. 160: Coy Bastian (Sel) pinned Wyatt Reorda (C), 1:34; Ryan Gildersleeve (D) dec. Drew Balestrini (Shik), 7-5. 172: Nick Crisp (SM) dec. Gage Wolfe (Shik), 6-3; Carter Chamberlain (C) dec. Sebastian Robinson (W), 4-2. 189: Hayden Kovalick (C) pinned Josh Miller (P), 4:15; Waylon Wehler (SM) dec. Steven Miller (Sel), 11-4. 215: Mark McGonigal (C) pinned Jeremy Garthwaite (SM), 1:34; Ryan Aument (Sel) dec. Adam Young (Shik), 3-2, UTB. 285: Nate Schon (Sel) tech. fall Blake VanKirk (Shik), 16-1; Oliver Billotte (C) dec. Charles Crewes (W), 5-4.

Consolation semifinals

106: Dysen Gould (P) pinned Blake Rising (Sel), 0:39; Alex Reed (Shik) pinned Isaac Beyer (SM), 0:46. 126: Nolan Barr (C) pinned Blaize Souder (Shik), 0:57. 132: Brett Thompson (B) pinned Justin Hand (C), 3:54; Andrew Wolfganger (SM) dec. Cadin Delaney (D), 4-1. 138: Sylvan Martin (Sel) dec. Austin Stugart (W), 8-1; Tristan Dilley (SM) dec. Nick Koontz (Shik), 6-3. 145: Caleb Yoder (Shik) pinned Austin Mitchell (D), 4:42. 152: Coltyn Sempko (Shik) dec. Logan Mosier (SM), 6-3; Josiah Foss (Sel) m. dec. Will Domico (C), 16-3. 160: Drew Balestrini (Shik) m. dec. Kaden Snelick (SM), 13-0; Wyatt Reorda (C) pinned Cascius Rissmiller (B), 2:09. 172: Ryan White (D) dec. Sebastian Robinson (W), 6-4; Gage Wolfe (Shik) pinned Cale Bastian (Sel), 0:56. 189: Steven Miller (Sel) pinned Mason Rebuck (Shik), 0:26; Josh Miller (P) pinned Ryan Dunlap (W), 1:50. 215: Zach Gallagher (D) dec. Adam Young (Shik), 9-4. 285: Blake VanKirk (Shik) pinned Ja’reese Stowe (D), 3:45.

Third-place matches

106: Alex Reed (Shik) pinned Dysen Gould (P), 2:10. 126: Nolan Barr (C) pinned Trent Turner (Sel), 0:44. 132: Brett Thompson (B) dec. Andrew Wolfganger (SM), 3-0. 138: Tristan Dilley (SM) pinned Sylvan Martin (Sel), 0:54. 145: Garrett Paradis (Sel) dec. Caleb Yoder (Shik), 7-0. 152: Coltyn Sempko (Shik) dec. Josiah Foss (Sel), 8-6. 160: Drew Balestrini (Shik) pinned Wyatt Reorda (C), 1:36. 172: Gage Wolfe (Shik) pinned Ryan White (D), 4:06. 189: Steven Miller (Sel) pinned Josh Miller (P), 2:48. 215: Zach Gallagher (D) dec. Jeremy Garthwaite (SM), 9-5. 285: Charles Crews (W) pinned) Blake VanKirk (Shik), 4:00.

Championship matches, winners advance

106: Cael Nasdeo (W) tech. fall Evan Davis (C), 15-0, 3:35. 113: Luke Seagraves (W) pinned Ryan Gavason (Sel), 1:35. 120: Davey Aughenbaugh (D) dec. Devin Harris (W), 7-2. 126: Carter Weaver (W) m. dec. Brendan Orr (D), 13-1. 132: Braden Bower (W) dec. Aiden Gaugler (Sel), 9-2. 138: Chandler Ho (D) tech. fall Luke Freeland (C), 18-3, 5:24. 145: Riley Bower (W) by default over Karson Kline (C). 152: Roman Morone (W) pinned Brady Smith (P), 3:42. 160: Coy Bastian (Sel) m. dec. Ryan Gildersleeve (D), 15-5. 172: Nick Crisp (SM) m. dec. Carter Chamberlain (C), 12-3. 189: Waylon Wehler (SM) dec. Hayden Kovalick (C), 7-6. 215: Mark McGonigal (C) m. dec. Ryan Aument (Sel), 8-0. 285: Nate Schon (Sel) pinned Oliver Billotte (C), 3:34.

Second-place matches, winners advance

106: Evan Davis (C) pinned Alex Reed (Shik), 0:25. 113: Ryan Gavason (Sel) dec. Devan Poe (B), 11-5. 132: Aiden Gaugler (Sel) dec. Brett Thompson (B), 3-0. 145: Karson Kline (C) dec. Garrett Paradis (Sel), 3-0. 172: Carter Chamberlain (C) pinned Gage Wolfe (Shik), 2:31. 189: Steven Miller (Sel) pinned Hayden Kovalick (C), 3:54. 215: Ryan Aument (Sel) dec. Zach Gallagher (D), 5-2.

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