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Standard Journal recently revised its obituary policy. All obituaries, except those that qualify as free veterans obituaries, will be printed as written and charged accordingly. Obituaries will be $75 up to 75 lines and $1 per line for each line over 75 lines. Obituaries must be prepaid. Photos are printed free of charge.Veterans obituaries written in a news format will be printed free of charge. News format obituaries follow guidelines dating back hundreds of years, which treat obituaries as news items more than tributes. The news format features information about the deceased including birthdate, date of death, immediate family information, work history, any military or education information and survivors listed by name through the grandchildren. This change in policy is designed to ease the process for families dealing with a tough time. Multiple formats can be confusing, therefore running obituaries as the family has written will ensure that families see the obituary they crafted to honor their loved one.Submission of obituaries should come from funeral homes, however Standard Journal will deal with submissions on a case by case basis.If you have any question about the Standard Journal’s obituary policy, call our office at 570-742-9671. If your funeral director is unsure of our policy, have him or her contact us directly.

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