We witness everyday how contemporary society has been flipped on its heels. When a U.S. president is condemned nonstop by the academia-Democrat-media liberal axis for defending the culture, liberty and values of Western Civilization, it only underscores the contemptuous descent we travel down that metastasizes daily.

An Australian company called Baby Bee Hummingbird has been making souvenir jewelry out of mothers’ breastmilk and placentas. They’ve gone from costume jewelry to customized jewelry, how entrepreneurial. Like any established company, Baby Bee seeks to grow their product and bottom lines by expanding their trinket creations to include — frozen human embryos. In other words, Baby Bee is now turning leftover fertilized human embryos from in vitro fertilization (IVF) — that are children at the embryonic stage — into more jewelry.

This isn’t a page out of Nazi Germany, but another feature of those ubiquitous Internet newsfeeds that too often is glossed over as business as usual.

Once upon a time in our republic, we kept the memorial flame burning of those no longer with us by turning their clipped hair into brooches — a more humane and traditional way to complement pictures, prayer cards and obituaries. Such old-fashioned mementos, however, don’t seem to inspire the contemporary zeitgeist of 21st century America.

Rather, we are constantly moving forward in discovering new ways of assuaging our ever present human nature’s need for self-gratification. Now, we produce trinkets out of discarded children. If this isn’t a tag line from dystopian novel, then what is?

Sadly, it isn’t a work of fiction; it is as real as the words on this page.

This is just another in what seems to be an unending daily parade of how far society has fallen, where children are just another commodity to be bought and sold that are now available in the necklaces and bracelets of your choosing.

If you have any leftover embryos, Baby Bee will scoop them up and convert them into what they prefer to advertise as, “sacred art.” Children are not only a business product, but raw material to be turned into charms to compliment the latest fashions.

A recent New York Times article reported how a mother of three who went through IVF justified that her “embryos were my babies frozen in time.” Explaining that when she and her husband decided they had more than enough children, “it wasn’t in my heart to destroy them (the additional embryos) now they are forever with me in a beautiful keepsake.” She wears it next to her heart in a Baby Bee produced pendant.

In what is conveniently omitted in all these feel good stories is that according to one reproductive endocrinologist, when frozen human embryos are cremated to be made into a commercial trinket, they vaporize.

In other words, mommy killed her child for that pendant.

Embryos are human and belong inside a women’s womb, not in some freezer or as some contemptible ersatz piece of jewelry. Across our fruited plain, there are over one million frozen embryos on ice locked away in what could be termed, refrigerated orphanages.

We live in a world where all normal boundaries of parenthood have been erased and sent packing. In what comprises our dehumanizing landscape, we design babies to order while turning their leftover siblings into a cheap piece of jewelry. It’s the 21st century’s version of “all in the family” and only accentuates how nothing today is more countercultural than the idea of employing limits.

This is what happens when humankind steps in for a benevolent God. We have become blind to the inherent value God places on each of us and then we wonder why there are so many “nones” today when it comes to religious faith.

Rather than supplying the folks at Baby Bee, perhaps these folks should consider allowing other couples to adopt these embryos through Nightlight Christian Adoptions, or the National Embryo Donation Center.

More people need to speak the truth to power into the chaos and confusion of the culture. Every human being is made in the image and likeness of God and worthy of life from their conception until natural death.

Until we can agree on this fundamental condition of life, society will continue to devolve into tyranny.

Greg Maresca is a freelance columnist living in Northumberland County. To comment, simply email newsroom@standard-journal.com.

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