Intent of immigration

Many think that opening the border and letting millions of undocumented individuals cross the border illegally is a jester in human dignity and will be looked upon favorably by God.

I would agree to some extent, but I would like to know what the intent of this good deed is. If the good deed has an underlying quid-pro-quo intent, then it is not a good deed. The Democrats want to ensure their continued existence in power and will stop at nothing to achieve that power.

The mainstream media will not talk about these immigrants that are being transported to Republican-controlled states, because they are in bed with the Democratic party and a big part of the problem in this country. Even the Pentagon is assisting the administration in this effort by allowing civilian airlines to land on military bases, in particular Laughlin Air Force base in Del Rio Texas, to transport these immigrants to their final destination and the base personnel are saddled with gag orders, stopping them from talking to anyone about these stop overs nor are they allowed to take pictures.

These people do not know how to read, write or speak our language so how will they learn our processes and ways of life? They have no idea why they are being transported to predetermined destinations.

What about the American citizens in these states that will now be burdened with taking care of the needs of these individuals? The American citizens did not ask for this and they did not have any voice in the decisions.

These immigrants are beholden to Biden and will vote Democrat regardless of what their eyes may be showing them.

The federal government is supposed to protect this country and its people, and they are failing miserably. Col. Oliver North has a book that was just released titled, “We didn’t fight for Socialism.” I will be reading it and perhaps you should to.

God bless America and help us get through these troubling times.

Clair Moyer,



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