Here’s hoping most people out there feel as I do about the state of national politics in America — frustrated, disturbed and downright angry.

It seems more and more people from the center are speaking out, and that’s good because poll after poll shows that’s the group that typically swings elections.

The wingnuts on the left and right will remain, and there’s little to be done about their line of thinking. Truth is not enough for this element. It doesn’t exist.

Last week Democratic strategist James Carville rightly called out elements of the party for embracing “wokeness” and using language more catered to the faculty lounge than the factory floor.

Carville went on at length, and warned Democrats that the drubbing they experienced in the 2020 election (they won the White House, but lost numerous seats in the House, and in state elections as well) could get worse if they don’t wake up.

Republicans, too, have a base problem. Fringe elements such as Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene have dominated the spotlight while GOP stalwarts — who actually work to expand the base and get legislation through Congress — like Liz Cheney are defending themselves... to Republicans.

When the left wing of the Democratic Party and the right wing of the Republican Party wield as much power as they have in recent months, it’s bad for America.

America is not one extreme or another.

Today’s political climate is rife with elitism on both sides of the aisle. The truth no longer matters, to either party.

Only power. Only the next election.

Too few Republicans stand against the actions of Jan. 6 at the Capitol. Some downright ignore the significance of the event, and those responsible. Nevermind the hundreds, if not thousands, of Trump flags, hats, shirts and posters adorning those who stampeded, defaced and invaded the Capitol. That’s not enough proof.

Too few Democrats are capable of seeing what it is that emboldened a movement of Americans to sprint to the right, and embrace a dangerous wing of the Republican Party. The Democrat message is being hijacked in plain sight, just as the Republican message has been.

Both parties, and their leadership, are blind to it apparently.

What happened to generating votes based on an exchange of ideas? Now fear and lies push politicians.

The hope is that moderation once again settles among the populace, and that issues take centerstage once again. Both parties need a message rather than personalities and those that do nothing to advance legislation to benefit America or her people.

We Americans have become a people we ourselves couldn’t have imagined 20, 30 years ago. We boo leaders, as if they are some sort of poorly performing multi-millionaire sports personality. We spout nonsense on social media, declining to take a moment to actually research that we are proliferating.

We ignore science, and propagate falsehoods.

We are better, though we have a lot of work ahead of us to ensure future generations realize it.

Chris Brady is managing editor at The Standard-Journal and can be reached at

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