Two weeks before June 10, God began preparing me for an event in which He was the “Way Maker.”

Every night I would go to sleep singing, “Even when I don’t see that you’re working. Even when I can’t feel that you’re working. You never stop working. You never stop working. You are miracle worker, promise keeper, light in the darkness. My God, that is who you are.” Each morning when I awoke, the same words kept repeating.

As we loaded the van for a parade that evening, my husband (Doug) carried a heavy sound equipment box down the rear steps at the Kingdom Kidz Puppet Home in Watsontown. After setting it down, his body kept going forward and his head connected with a wooden picnic table, severing an artery in his head. As our general manager, Lisa, applied pressure and I quickly called 9-1-1. God was working! The dispatcher kept me calm and assured me help would be on the way. Within minutes the Watsontown police officer, Geoff Noviello, arrived and took over for Lisa. Two friends, Eve and Joe (our float drivers) arrived and kept me occupied. Shortly the Warrior Run ambulance arrived and continued applying pressure. Seeing that they couldn’t stop, the fire Chief Doug Funk was called to drive the ambulance to Evan. Upon arrival, nurses took over and never stopped. The doctors never stopped and for 1 ½ hours the bleeding never ceased. Then the doctor was able to place two stitch inside and six stitches outside. The bleeding stopped! When I finally saw Doug and the room, I couldn’t believe what he and all those mentioned above had gone through.

As my family and friends allowed me to process (talking and sharing the photos) the entire scene repeatedly, it wasn’t until two days later that I was aware that shock and numbness had set in for those two days. It was on Sunday afternoon that the words to the song “Way Maker” started coming to me again. Then I realized God had been preparing me and we had experienced a miracle. “Even when I don’t see that you’re working. Even when I don’t feel that you’re working. You never stop working!” God had moved the right people into place that night to save my husband’s life. Following the ambulance down the highway, Lisa and I prayed for those who had and would be attending Doug. The prayer chain was started and God provided! He never stopped working through the hands of all those who touched Doug’s head!

He is a miracle because of our “Way Maker, God!” No concussion! No bleeding in the brain! No transfusion! God is still working miracles as only He can! We are thankful to all those whom God used that night! They would have never known they were part of a miracle, but now they do!!! To God be the glory.

Donna Bridge, Milton

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