Robert H. Shroyer

WHITE HILLS, Ariz. — On August 18, 2022, Robert “Bob” Harlan Shroyer passed away at age 70, in White Hills, Arizona. A full-time RVer for the previous two years, Bob had recently settled into an off-grid desert community.

Born to Rosemary and Harlan “Barney” Shroyer, Bob spent his childhood in Shamokin, Pennsylvania; graduated from Boston University; and completed his MBA at Northeastern University. While in Boston, Bob met his wife, Nancy McDonough, with whom he had three children: William Shroyer, Lisa Shroyer, and Robin Sutton. Bob’s career in the computer industry took off in the ‘80s. He became a procurement executive at some of the biggest businesses in the space, like Siemens, Compaq, and IBM. These jobs took the Shroyer family all over the country before settling in Cary, North Carolina.

In addition to negotiating large purchase agreements, Bob had a natural talent for the drums and woodwork. He built furniture as a young man and later built major additions to the family homes. It was this knack, paired with Nancy’s knitting prowess, that led the couple to launch Nancy’s Knit Knacks, a craft manufacturing business. He sold the company following their divorce and retired, at which time he hit the road.

Bob’s children remember him as curious; easy to laughter; argumentative; skeptical; with a drummer’s relentless tapping of toes and surfaces. He was active in his community, working with neighbors to improve services and welcome new folks. In his final days, he enjoyed a trip to the pub where he knew everyone; he worked on his gazebo; and purchased a large blue flag with a yellow beer stein, which he planned to fly from the flag pole above his desert oasis; the home he had chosen after traveling the country. In addition to his three children and ex-wife, Bob is survived by his daughter-in-law, Kelli Kaspar, son-in-law, Alex Sutton, and grandson, Lucas Sutton.

Plans for a memorial will be announced at a future date.