MOUNT CARMEL — A 48-year-old Northumberland County man is jailed in lieu of $100,000 bail for allegedly using a box cutter to cause lacerations to another male during an alleged incident at 11 a.m. Tuesday near Fifth and Oak streets, Mount Carmel.

Sylvester Junior Kines, of 39 N. Oak St., Apt. 3, was arraigned Tuesday on two felonies of aggravated assault, and misdemeanors of possession of a weapon, simple assault and disorderly conduct. The charges were filed by Lt. David Donkochik in the office of Magisterial District Judge William Cole.

According to the affidavit, the officer arrived on scene and observed Kines and Dewayne Wilson in the street. Both were ordered to the ground at gun point and taken into custody without incident. Wilson claimed he had been cut by Kines. Assisting Mount Carmel Township Patrolman Brian Carnuccio removed a utility knife from Kines’ person.

Wilson’s back had three slashes — one that measured 12 inches — on his back that were bleeding and another slash, which was approximately 8 inches, on his left bicep. His sweat shirt and jeans were also cut.

A witness, Zachary McGinley, said Kines attacked Wilson by swinging what he believed to be a knife of razor.

Another witness, Kalleigh Henderson, said she saw Wilson walking away from Kines. At one point, she said, Wilson put his hands up, but Kines started swinging his hands. She added that Kines was the aggressor and was attacking Wilson, who was not interested in fighting.

A witness allegedly observed Kines pull out a box cutter and attack Wilson. Business owner Dennis Molesevich confirmed Kines had a box cutter and provided a video of the incident.

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