MILTON — Lauren Richie, Milton Interact/Team Cambodia advisor at Milton Area High School, recently joined a meeting of the Milton Rotary Club to further explain the activities of the club and the Team Cambodia project.

Retired teacher Mike Conn started the project approximately 13 years ago when a school — The Milton School — was built in Cambodia with the funds raised from the school and community. Each year the project needs approximately $3,500 to $5,000 to support the school, programs and equipment. Last year $5,000 was sent, but it was not all used due to COIVD and students are currently are not meeting due to the pandemic.

Last week the club sent $1,500 to Cambodia toward this year’s support goal of $3,500. Club members need to raise another $2,000, minimum, to help with the teacher’s salary, school upkeep and to purchase additional computers. The school now operates with four computers for its 100 pupils.

In the past, Interact has been able to raise significant funds through its Chili Cookoff and spaghetti dinners. Those fundraisers are not possible this year due to COVID, so students are selling Milton “M” masks. The masks come with either a white or black background with the “Ms” being all over the masks.

The Milton Rotary Club and its members have long supported the effort. Those wishing to assist the Milton Interact Club with its fundraiser can contribute by bringing a check for $10 made payable to “Team Cambodia” to The Coup Agency, Broadway, Milton or by mailing it to Team Cambodia, care of Lauren Ritchie, 100 Mahoning St., Milton, PA 17847.

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