Mike Molesevich

Mike Molesevich

LEWISBURG — A former mayor of Lewisburg and former member of that borough’s council confirmed Monday that he will field a write-in campaign for Congress. Mike Molesevich said he has circulated his name and intentions among Democratic committees in the 10th District and seeks support in the form of write-in votes on Primary Election Day.

“The main reason I am doing this is because no one else has,” Molesevich said. “I believe that no election should go uncontested. In a free market and a democratic society, having a choice is very important.”

Rep. Tom Marino (R-Pa.10), the three-term incumbent has no challengers to date in 2016 among Democrats or other Republicans.

Molesevich was troubled by the recent endorsement of Republican Donald Trump by Marino, a move which he counted among other reasons for getting into the race.

“I don’t think that represents the voters of the 10th Congressional District,” said Molesevich, who cited Trump’s sometimes abrasive campaign rhetoric.

Molesevich further questioned Marino’s motives for endorsing Trump as well as its seemingly early timing.

“What does (Marino) have to gain? What are his motives?” Molesevich asked.

Molesevich also pointed out what he called a poor presentation by Marino on a CNN broadcast which included members of Congress who have endorsed Trump.

The one-term mayor of Lewisburg (1994-98) added that it was not only premature to personally endorse a presidential candidate, but also premature to list district targets for future federal spending if he succeeds in winning a term in Congress.

As there is no declared Democrat challenger, 1,000 write-in votes could land a spot on the November ballot against Marino. Jerry Kairnes, a Lycoming County resident, announced in February his intention to run as an independent.

Molesevich also served on Lewisburg Borough Council for several terms, both before and after his term as mayor. He is an environmental consultant based in Lewisburg.

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