Cooney denounces racism

David Cooney

MIFFLINBURG — Multiple incidents involving graffiti being sprayed in the Borough of Mifflinburg have led Mayor Dave Cooney to reiterate his stance that racism is not acceptable.

Cooney said the Mifflinburg Police Department is actively investigating “multiple incidents of graffiti throughout the community.” He could not comment any further on the graffiti due to the active investigation.

During Tuesday’s borough council meeting, Cooney said he mentioned the investigation and that racism is not acceptable.

“Racism of any kind, whether it be graffiti, attitude or racist speech has no home here,” he said. “It’s not welcome in our community.”

Cooney added that the graffiti is “not representative of our community as a whole.”

“I imagine it was a few individuals that don’t represent the greater community,” he said.

Cooney added that it was important for him to reiterate his stance against racism.

“Any sort of message that brings hate is something that can grow and fester and ruin a community,” he said. “When it rears its ugly head, it’s something that must be dealt with... No thank you, that’s not for us.”

Cooney said it’s also important for others to speak out agains racism and hatred.

“To me, that’s very comforting that there are a lot of people that will stand up for what they consider the right thing,” he said.

As the investigation into the graffiti progresses, Cooney said any suspects will be charged appropriately.

“I strongly encourage anyone that knows anything about it, or even if you did it, come forward and put this behind us,” he said.

Anyone with information on the graffiti should contact the Mifflinburg Police Department at 570-966-1027.

Staff writer Kevin Mertz can be reached at 570-742-9671 or email

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