Township declines name change acknowledgment

From left, Matt Schumacher, Jim Knight and Char Gray, East Buffalo Township supervisors, declined to acknowledge a name change pending for a Bucknell University roadway.

LEWISBURG — East Buffalo Township (EBT) supervisors declined on Monday night to acknowledge a name change in the works for a roadway on the Bucknell University campus.

The university will apparently change the name of Christy Mathewson Drive to honor Michael Pascucci, a 1958 alumnus who recently pledged $40 million to the university for financial aid programs and capital improvements. Announced in August, it was the largest single commitment of funds in Bucknell history.

Chay Gray, EBT supervisor chair, said the township couldn’t deny Bucknell the name change but the university would thus not have a letter saying the township acknowledged it. The county Geographic Information System (GIS) map would still need to be updated.

Gray, who voted against, said the proposal got discussion going at the monthly meeting of supervisors.

“Wasn’t there any other private road name on Bucknell’s campus that they could have renamed besides the one for Christy Mathewson?” Gray and others speculated. “People said, ‘Yes, $40 million is a lot of money.’ Someone else asked did the guy even ask for a road to be named after him?”

Gray stressed that the road was private and the university may name what they wish. Supervisor Jim Knight, a university employee, abstained. Supervisor Matt Schumacher voted in favor of acknowledgment.

Christy Mathewson Drive, to the east of Christy Mathewson Stadium, stretches from Dent Drive to Fraternity Road.

Mathewson (1880-1925), a charter member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame, attended Bucknell University where he served as president of his class and played baseball, football and basketball.

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