MILTON — A Milton man is searching for answers after waking up Saturday morning to discover his 2005 Mustang — painted in red, white and blue colors representative of the U.S. flag — had been vandalized.

Kenneth Koons, who has lived in Milton for 22 years and never had a problem with vandalism, was devastated to discover someone apparently jumped on the roof, bumper and hood scoop of his 2005 Mustang while it was parked by his Cherry Street home.

“I was really crying,” he said. “(This car) is for the soldiers, for the people who died for our country.”

Koons would like to ask those responsible for the damage why they did it.

“This is not a (President Donald) Trump car,” he said. “This is for the soldiers.”

Koons said the car has nothing to do with the current election, Trump or Democratic challenger Joe Biden.

He said the Milton Police Department is investigating the incident. Footprints which were evident on the car were measured at 14-inches in length.

“It was a sneaker that did (the damage),” Koons said. “When they were jumping up and down on top of the car, they dropped a cigarette.”

He has been able to push out some of the dents which were left on the roof. Koons is most concerned with the damage to the hood scoop, which is cracked.

Koons plans to try to fix the damage himself. A local body shop told him it would cost $2,000 to have the car repaired there.

Todd Ulrich, an officer with the Milton Police Department, confirmed the department is investigating the incident.

He said there have not been widespread reports of vandalism in Milton.

“We’ve had several issues with campaign signs being stolen,” Ulrich said, adding that about a half-dozen Republican and Democratic signs have been reported stolen or defaced.

The Standard-Journal featured Koons’ Mustang in September.

At that time, Koons said he purchased the car in August from a man in West Chester.

“A lot of people died for those flags,” Koons said, in September. “It’s what the soldiers did... When I drive (the Mustang), people stand up, they wave their flags.”

Anyone with information on who may have damaged Koons’ Mustang should contact the Milton Police Department at 570-742-8757.

Staff writer Kevin Mertz can be reached at 570-742-9671 or email

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