RIVERSIDE — A contractor from Union County man is facing three felonies for allegedly not completing nearly $8,000 in work to a Northumberland County home.

Cory Strickland, 42, of 37 Weikert Road, Millmont, was recently charged by Chief Kerry Parkes with home improvement fraud, deceptive business practices and theft by deception. The charges were filed in the office of Magisterial District Judge William Cole. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for 9 a.m. Feb. 24.

According to the criminal complaint, the victim hired the defendant in April to complete a home improvement project. The total cost of the project, in which a contract was signed on May 2, was $18,250. The victim paid $4,000 on May 2; $5,125 on May 4; and $6,000 on June 12.

A verbal agreement was made to complete work by June 30. The victim noticed work days becoming more sporadic and with less workers. During a meeting on July 6, a second contract was written to add $5,480 to the project.

When the defendant was showing up at spotty times to work and not accomplishing much, the victim requested a meeting on July 24. The defendant gave solid dates in writing for each section of the contract, the complaint states.

In August, the victim learned that many items that were to be completed were not ordered. The victim had made two trips to Lowes to pick out the different materials to be ordered and installed.

The victim provided the chief with a breakdown of what was completed and what was not ordered. From the $15,125 paid to the defendant, it was determined that $7,210 worth of work was completed.

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