Diesel equipment technology instructor and Pennsylvania College of Technology alumnus John D. Motto (right) is presented with the 2021 Pathfinder to Excellence faculty award by Justin W. Beishline, assistant dean of diesel technology and natural resources. Motto was chosen for the same award in 2020; Beishline is a 2011 recipient.

WILLIAMSPORT – The 2021 recipient of the annual “Pathfinder to Excellence” award, presented by Pennsylvania College of Technology and Caterpillar Inc. to an exemplary faculty member, is no stranger to the distinction: He also won it last year.

John D. Motto, an instructor at the college’s Schneebeli Earth Science Center near Allenwood, was the back-to-back selection for an honor presented since 2003 to someone who “has developed effective teaching techniques, enhanced learning materials, demonstrated a keen sensitivity to students’ needs and maintained high academic standards.”

A sampling of comments from student nominators:

“Mr. Motto makes class challenging (as it is not easy) and covers a lot of information; he promotes academic integrity.”

“He encourages students to always come back and work on labs, even when they don’t have class, in order to further their knowledge.”

“Mr. Motto will give students guidance, but ultimately challenges them to figure it out for themselves.”

An adjunct instructor who joined the faculty full time in January 2018, Motto holds two degrees from Penn College: an Associate of Applied Science in diesel technology (2011) and a Bachelor of Science in applied management (2018).

He received the Pathfinder honor during a recent meeting of the Heavy Construction Equipment Technology: Caterpillar Equipment Emphasis Advisory Committee, held in the Thompson Professional Development Center in advance of the college’s Fall Career Fair.

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