MILTON — With the Milton Area School District’s recent announcement that the district’s stadium renovation project will not be completed in time for the fall football season, members of the coaching staff and community at large wanted to do something to make the new season special for the players.

Josh Bradley, one of the team’s assistant coaches, joined with his wife Amanda and other volunteers this week to apply a fresh coat of paint to the existing locker room.

“With the construction, the plan was to have new locker rooms for the fall,” Josh explained. “We realized it wasn’t going to be ready. We wanted to have something fresh, new.”

He said the team will use the existing locker room daily for practice. In addition, the room will be used prior to the team departing the complex for its games.

In addition to the Bradleys, Milton Borough Council member Joe Moralez is assisting with the painting, along with Assistant Coach Nathan Minium, and other members of the coaching staff.

Amanda, who is president of The Improved Milton Experience (TIME), said the organization has donated some tools for use during the project. She noted that TIME and the football team have a history of working together.

“The football players have been gracious to help us with some heavy lifting projects in the past,” Amanda said.

Josh said the team will have about 50 players this year. He said the fact that the stadium won’t be ready in time for the new season will not be a hindrance to the team’s on-field performance.

“The last four years have been in flux,” Josh said.

Three years ago, practices were disrupted by a mold outbreak inside of the district’s buildings.

“Last year was COVID,” Josh said. “Our kids are excited to go on the field and play football.”

Voluntary practice sessions are being held throughout the summer. Heat acclimation practice begins Aug. 2.

Even when the stadium’s new locker rooms are ready to be used, Josh said other sports will continue to use the existing locker room.

“It is with great disappointment we must report the pandemic has significantly impacted the completion timeline for the athletic complex,” Superintendent Dr. Cathy Keegan wrote, in a recent media release. “While the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted us all, the resources, products, equipment and staff needed to complete the complex in time for fall sports is not possible.”

With the stadium to not be completed in time for the fall football season, Keegan said arrangements are being made to host Milton home games at the Danville Area School District’s stadium.

“We are grateful to the Danville administration for working collaboratively with us,” Keegan said.

The $14.1 million project includes renovations to the stadium and the construction of a wellness facility.

Staff writer Kevin Mertz can be reached at 570-742-9671 or email

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