LEWISBURG — Auto traffic lined up for a local coffee and donut shop drive-thru has again caught the attention of its home borough.

Lewisburg Borough Council members discussed the matter toward the conclusion of their most recent meeting.

Safety of motorists and others at North Derr Drive (Route 15) and North Fourth Street has periodically been a topic at council meetings. Recently, the overflow has also been noted on social media reviews.

Michael Derman, Ward 1 council member, asked Tuesday night if a certified letter had been sent to the shop’s owners regarding the traffic issue. Jordi Comas, Ward 2 council member, said a draft was in progress. Debra Sulai, council president and Ward 3 representative, noted it should include a request for a meeting and a copy should be sent to PennDOT.

Patrons of the popular Dunkin Donuts franchise frequently line up into North Fourth Street as motorists stop and wait for the line to move. A que of vehicles along a portion of Route 15 is common on busier days though motorists do attempt to line up on the shoulder of the highway. The roadway is also curved at that point, an impairment to safe entry and exit.

The issue is also exacerbated during cold weather or when indoor seating has been limited or not available due to pandemic restrictions.

A Thursday morning phone call to the Selinsgrove-based owner of the shop was not answered.

Staff writer Matt Farrand can be reached at 570-742-9671 and via email at matt@standard-journal.com.

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