Northumberland County Sentencing

• James J. Burke III, 55, of Sunbury, $1,500 fine plus costs for DUI; $75 fine plus costs for failing to possess a registration and certificate of title for a vehicle; $500 fine plus costs for driving under suspension (DUI related); $25 fine plus costs for failure to drive in a single lane; $25 fine plus costs for careless driving; $25 fine plus costs for failing to wear a seat belt.

District Judge Jeffrey A. Rowe, Lewisburg Preliminary hearings

Formal arraignment for charges waived or held was scheduled for Monday, April, 26 in Union County Court.

• Daniel R. Engleman, 31, of Sunbury, had felony allegations of manufacture, delivery or possession with intent to manufacture or deliver, criminal use of a communication facility and a related criminal attempt count held for court. A misdemeanor count of intent to possess controlled substance by person not registered was also held.

• Pamela S. Poust, 39, of Sunbury, waived a misdemeanor count of defiant trespass actual communication to court. Summary counts of disorderly conduct and public drunkenness and similar misconduct were also waived.

Summary trials

• A driving unregistered vehicle allegation filed against Melissa A. Apanel, 42, of Lewisburg, was withdrawn.

• A driving while operator privilege suspended or revoked allegation filed against Alyssa L. McPherson, 30, of Northumberland, was withdrawn.

State Police At Milton 2-vehicle crash

LIMESTONE TOWNSHIP — One person was injured when a Case Skidsteer was struck by a 2017 Subaru Outback.

The crash occurred at 6:30 p.m. Feb. 13 along Broadway Road, east of South Limestone Estates Road, Limestone Township, Montour County. Troopers said a 14-year-old boy was operating the skidsteer without proper lighting after sunset when it was struck by the Subaru driven by Bryan J. Hart, 36, of Benton. A passenger in Hart’s vehicle, Kristy J. Bardua, 42, of Benton, was transported by ambulance to Geisinger Medical Center, Danville, with a suspected minor injury.

The teen will be cited with general lighting requirements.

2-vehicle crash

VALLEY TOWNSHIP — No one was injured when a vehicle struck another from behind in snowy conditions at 6:53 a.m. Feb. 19 along Liberty Valley Road, east of Old Furnace Road, Valley Township, Montour County.

A 2016 Ford Focus struck the rear of a 2004 Dodge Ram 2500. Neither driver was injured. The driver of the Ford, who was not named, will be issued a warning for driving vehicle at safe speed, troopers noted.

1-vehicle crash

BUFFALO TOWNSHIP — No injuries were noted following a one-vehicle crash at 8:08 p.m. Feb. 18 along Col. John Kelly Road, east of Walbash Road, Buffalo Township, Union County.

Troopers said a 2019 Dodge Caravan driven by Whitney N. Smith, 26, of Mifflinburg, was traveling west in a left curve when it went out of control, went off the roadway and struck a utility pole. Smith and passenger Elijah A. Hartman, 19, of Lewisburg, were belted and no injuries were noted.

Disorderly conduct

WHITE DEER TOWNSHIP — A New Columbia woman allegedly blew smoke into the faces of emergency medical personnel as they attempted to provide her medical treatment.

Troopers said Nikauriy Rodriguez, 33, was charged after the alleged incident at 10:13 a.m. Feb. 21 at 109 Foresman Circle, White Deer Township, Union County.


VALLEY TOWNSHIP — A stolen registration plate was recovered from a vehicle.

Troopers said the incident occurred at 3:13 p.m. Feb. 17 at 300 Red Roof Road, Valley Township, Montour County. The plate, which belonged to James McWilliams, 59, of Danville, was valued at $60

State Police At Montoursville Hit and run

ELDRED TOWNSHIP — Suspects involved in a hit-and-run rollover crash were found to have active warrants, troopers reported.

A 1999 Volkwagen Cabriolet was traveling south along Pleasant Valley Road, east of Sugar Camp Road, Eldred Township, Lycoming County. The crash occurred at 6:48 a.m. Jan. 22 when the vehicle crossed the double-yellow lines, across the east shoulder, struck a ditch and overturned onto its roof. The driver and a second individual associated with the registered owner of the vehicle — neither of whom were named — were found to have active warrants in Lycoming County, according to police.


LOYALSOCK TOWNSHIP — A $20 bill was stolen from an 18-year-old Williamsport woman.

Troopers said the incident occurred between 6 a.m. and noon Feb. 15 along Leader Drive, Loyalsock Township, Lycoming County. The unknown person took the bill and fled.

Union County Deed transfers

• Forty Four Management LLC, Timothy M. Turner member, Kevin Gardner member to FMGC LLC, property in East Buffalo Township, $1.

• David E. Hackenburg trustee, Linda K. Hackenberg trustee, David E. and Linda K. Hackenberg primary residence protector trust, David E. Hackenberg primary residence protector trust, Linda K. Hackenberg primary residence protector trust, David and Linda Hackenberg real estate protector trust, David E. Hackenberg real estate protector trust, Linda E. Hackenberg real estate protector trust to David R. Hackenberg, Beth A. Hackenberg, property in White Deer Township, $840,000.

• Clair W. Dauberman Jr., Robyn R. Girvin to Robyn R. Girvin, property in Lewis Township, Limestone Township, $1.

• Robyn R. Girvin to Carol A. Miller, property in Lewis Township, Limestone Township, $1.

• Ruth A. Himmelreich estate, Jeffrey C. Himmelreich executor to Zachary Paul Himmelreich, property in Mifflinburg, $1.

• Lois C. Hook by attorney, Joe A. Masser attorney to Daniel C. Brocious, Sherry E. Brocious, property in Gregg Township, $1.

• Service First Federal Credit Union to Jayson A. Miller, Allyson K. Miller, property in Buffalo Township, $75,000.

• TLC Prop Inc. to Pennsylvania American Water Company, property in White Deer Township, $10,000.

• Kenneth H. Martin, Anna M. Martin to Merlin J. Marlin, Louella N. Martin, property in Buffalo Township, $1.

• David W. Gutelius, Cindy L. Gutelius to David Gutelius Excavating Inc., property in Limestone Township, Mifflinburg, $800,000.

• David W. Gutelius, Cindy L. Gutelius to David Gutelius Excavating Inc., property in Mifflinburg, $50,000.

• Jeffrey F. Goss estate, April Goss administrator, April L. Goss to Elam L. Martin Sr., Irene H. Martin, property in Hartley Township, $1.

• Harry A. Huff, Faith C. Huff to Michael Everardo Camacho, property in Buffalo Township, $1.

• Charlotte Luchak to Chabad of Lewisburg Inc., property in Lewisburg, $1.

• Marie G. Smith estate, Susan R. Baish per rep, Carol A. Grumbein per rep to Jesse W. Moore, property in Kelly Township, $162,000.

• CHC Farms Partnership, Carl H. Brown partner, Clair E. Brown partner, Steven E. Brown partner to Clair E. Brown, Sharon M. Brown, property in East Buffalo Township corrective deed, $1.

• Tracey O’Brien trustee, Clair D. Spangler income only grantor trust to Eric S. Wetzel, Ashley J. Wetzel, property in New Berlin, $1.

• Filippo Mazzamuto, Rosalia Mazzamuto to Giuseppe Mazzamuto, property in Buffalo Township, $1.

• Joshua F. Booth, Heather L. Booth to Kyle Ian Schaser, Tara L. Schaser, property in West Buffalo Township, $1.

• Kevin Martin, Megan M. Matusky, Judith R. Matusky, property in Hartley Township, $1.

• Beverly E. Showmaker executor, Cindy L. Erdley executor, Sarah L. Smith estate to Edward L. Hostetler, Libby R. Hostetler, property in West Buffalo Township, $494,000.

• Harry W. Kline to Patrick Smallcross, Rosalie Smallcross, property in East Buffalo Township, $1.

• James Edward Bottorf Jr., Karen Lee Bottorf to Katy Albert trustee, James and Karen Bottorf irreovcable grantor trust, James Bottorf irrevocable grantor trust, Karen Bottorf irrevocable grantor trust, two properties in White Deer Township, $1 apiece.

• Esra M. Zimmerman, Lydia Ann Zimmerman to Stanley E. Zimmerman, Lucille H. Zimmerman, Amos O. Zimmerman, Mary Z. Zimmerman, property in Limestone Township, $1.

• Alex G. Peck, Casey L. Peck to Brian D. Haggy, Ashley R. Haggy, property in Buffalo Township, $1.

• Ryan J. Lebreton to Ryan Rzucidlo, property in East Buffalo Township, $1.

• Gauglers Const Inc. to Carlos A. Hernandez, Frances L. Centeno Morales, property in East Buffalo Township, $1.

• Irina A. Yastremski to Russell P. Houseknecht II, property in East Buffalo Township, $1.

• Rodney P. Smith, Lenora Smith to Perry J. Smith, Nancy Ann Smith, property in Buffalo Township, $1.

• Mildren Gale Porr trustee, Gale Porr living trust to Garik A. Zieber, property in Lewisburg, $147,750.

• Douglas Groff, Crystal Groff, Alan Groff, Karolyn Groff to Iron Springs Acres LLC, property in White Deer Township, $1.

• Douglas S. French, Terina G. Stump to Jesse Schultz, Alicia French, property in White Deer Township, $100,000.

• Janet L. Foresman administrator, Ronald L. Derr administrator, Jeffrey S. Derr estate to Janet L. Foresman, Ronald E. Derr, property in White Deer Township, $1.

• Diane S. Atie trustee, Virginia M. Pursel trustee, Charles W. Pursel and Janet M. Pursel irrevocable trust, Charles W. Pursel irrevocable trust, Janet M. Pursel irrevocable trust to Maxwell Frankel, Glenda Young, property in Kelly Township, $1.

• Nancy Snook to Daniel Z. Martin Jr., Esther W. Martin, property in Limestone Township, $1.

• Mary A. Barnes to Mary Ann Vinson, property in East Buffalo Township, $1.

• Sydney P. Wallace, Sydney P. Wertz, Hunter A. Wertz to Hunter A. Wertz, Sydney P. Wertz, property in Buffalo Township, $1.

• Margaret L. Beiber by attorney, Valerie J. Beiber attorney to On Time Playground Solutions LLC, property in White Deer Township, $1.

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