Juveniles charged in Mifflinburg vandalism spree

MIFFLINBURG — Two juveniles from Mifflinburg have been charged in conjunction with an alleged vandalism spree which occurred between 7 and 11 p.m. Monday, Nov. 16, along Chestnut, Walnut, Cherry, High and Market streets in the borough.

According to a press release issued Friday afternoon by Mifflinburg Police Department Det. Mark Bailey, two males allegedly damaged eight to 10 properties by spray painting graffiti on various garage doors, buildings, vehicles and dumpsters.

The two are also accused of removing a cart from Weis Markets, Mifflinburg, and attempting to enter parked vehicles.

The boys will be charged as juveniles in Union County with theft, criminal mischief, disorderly conduct, and loitering and prowling at night.

"There is no indication any specific person(s) or group(s) were targeted and there is no suspected connection to ethnic intimidation," Bailey wrote, in his release.

Both during and following Tuesday's Mifflinburg Borough Council meeting, Mayor Dave Cooney noted the graffiti being sprayed across the borough and said racism is not acceptable.

“Racism of any kind, whether it be graffiti, attitude or racist speech has no home here,” he said. “It’s not welcome in our community.”

While not describing the graffiti, Cooney added that it is “not representative of our community as a whole.”

“Any sort of message that brings hate is something that can grow and fester and ruin a community,” he said. “When it rears its ugly head, it’s something that must be dealt with... No thank you, that’s not for us.”

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