Dan Lichtel

Dan Lichtel

MIFFLINBURG — Mifflinburg Area School District residents have until Monday to submit their thoughts to the district about revisions to the COVID-19 health and safety plan.

In a letter to staff and families, Superintendent Dan Lichtel wrote “constructive feedback” was welcome before the revised plan would be up for adoption by the school board. Email would be considered via healthandsafety@mifflinburg.org, but individual replies would not be provided.

Lichtel observed that restrictions were easing in the state and nation, but individuals were still encouraged to keep maintaining a safe distance from others, covering coughs and sneezes and washing hands frequently. Contact tracing would be employed in the event of reported positive cases. Cleaning procedures for schools would remain in place.

The plan “provides that mask wearing and facial covering are no longer required, but are optional.” Masks would be available at main offices and building entrances. Modifications may be made to the policy if guidance or orders from the federal or state levels are issued. Local data could also warrant a modification.

Many items remained in the plan for 2021-22, including assigning a district “pandemic coordinator” to monitor guidance and orders from federal and state health officials and the Pennsylvania Department of Education. The district will continue to adhere to related mandates for mitigation.

Each student with a “technology device and Internet access where needed” to ensure continuity of services. Students will thus be able to access lessons and assignments as teachers plan accordingly.

The district will continue to offer two models of instruction for all students, in-person learning and cyber education through the district’s e-learning academy.

For students attending at a school building, meals will again be provided at no cost to the student. For e-learning students and those who may need to miss school due to quarantining, meals will be available for pickup by families at designated locations. The district would continue to work with community groups for weekend food pack distribution.

Similar to the previous school year, classroom space will be adapted to maintain distancing, frequent hand washing and respiratory etiquette will be encouraged for students and staff. Signs supporting proper washing of hands will also be posted in buildings.

The complete proposal was posted at www.mifflinburg.org.

Staff writer Matt Farrand can be reached at 570-742-9671 and via email at matt@standard-journal.com.

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