Gene Yaw

Gene Yaw

HARRISBURG — Realistic opposition to the 2020 presidential results effectively ended Jan. 6 when Mike Pence, as president of the US Senate, announced the results.

So noted Sen. Gene Yaw (R-23), who was skeptical that the opposition was ever realistic.

“Since then, things have died off pretty much,” Yaw said of the days which followed. “I was getting literally thousands of emails. I think that has pretty much ended at this point.”

What was ahead for Republicans who never imagined how the events Jan. 6 would unfold the way they did remained an open question.

“That’s going to be the biggest challenge that the Republican Party has, that they have to show the party is viable outside of Donald Trump,” Yaw said. “If you have would have asked me prior to a week ago, I would have said that (Trump) was probably critical.

“But I think that he lost so much respect as a result of what happened in Washington,” Yaw said. “I think that there a lot of people in the party at this point who say, ‘We’re on our own (and) we’ve got to go forward. We’ve have to make the party the viable entity here and not depend on any one person.’”

Yaw was confident that the party could successfully shift from focus on one person and could be stronger as a result.

Lobbyists, he added, have projected that compromise will return to Congress as the spread between the number of Democrat and Republican members remains so narrow.

“I took that as maybe a positive sign,” Yaw concluded. “That may be a positive sign for t he Republican Party also.”

Yaw was reluctant to discuss security at the state Capitol but noted it was at a higher level. Only government employees with identification that allows them to enter were currently allowed in the building.

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