3 GE locomotives net $77,250 in high bids at ACF auction

Three GE locomotives which were on the auction block this week netted $77,250 in high bids. The locomotives were among the items owned by ACF Industries to be put up for bid on an online auction of remaining items at the Milton facility.

MILTON — Three GE diesel electric locomotives which were on the auction block this week received combined high bids of $77,250, according to the website of a company which conducted a virtual auction of items remaining at the ACF Industries Milton facility.

The auction was held Tuesday, July 28, through Thursday, July 30, at https://bid.yellowtagauctions.com.

Among the items on the auction block were three GE diesel electric locomotives.

The website for the auction lists the closing bids of each item which was on the block. According to the site, the three locomotives registered closing bids of $21,750, $24,000 and $31,500.

In 2015, The Standard-Journal reported that ACF purchased a 45-ton diesel locomotive that was built in 1941 and used by the Navy during World War II.

Hundreds of items were sold through the online auction. Other items that were on the auction block to close with high bids included: A tire crane, $83,000; CNC plate rolls, $72,500 and $18,000; forklift, $36,000; hydraulic presses, $29,500 and $25,500; crane, $25,000; CNC plasma cutter, $19,750; press machine, $17,250; and a hydraulic shear, $13,750.

Officials from the ACF Industries plant in Milton and at the corporate headquarters in St. Charles, Mo., have not responded to The Standard-Journal’s multiple requests for comment since November, when employees reported receiving a letter stating the plant would be closing its doors at the end of 2019.

George Venios, executive director of The Improved Milton Experience (TIME), this week said the ACF complex is for sale.

Officials from TIME and the Milton Historical Society are hoping to meet soon with ACF executives to speak about the possibility of the company donating the former Lincoln Street School building — which is on the ACF complex — to the Milton community.

ACF had a major cutback in 2009, when the company laid off most of its then 300 workers in Milton.

Union officials confirmed in 2012 that an agreement had been reached for the plant to resume operations in 2013. ACF officials said at that time that over 300 employees would be called back to work at the facility.

Former Gov. Tom Corbett visited Milton in June 2013 to announce that ACF received $483,000 in state funding from the Governor’s Action Team. The funds were to be used for machinery and equipment purchases, as well as employee training.

Staff writer Kevin Mertz can be reached at 570-742-9671 or email kevin@standard-journal.com.

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