WATSONTOWN — Just seven months after the Watsontown Police Department started providing police coverage to McEwensville Borough, Watsontown Borough Council voted to terminate its contract with the municipality.

Council President Greg Miller announced that council met in an executive session to discuss the contract prior to its Monday meeting, which was held via a conference call.

Miller said council decided to vote to terminate the contract “for political reasons.” No further explanation was given.

Per the terms of the contract, borough Manager Jay Jarrett said Watsontown will be responsible for providing coverage for the next 30 days.

Miller and council members Dan Folk, Todd Moyer, Ralph Young and Dennis Confer all voted to terminate the contract. Council member Fred Merrill was absent from the meeting.

Watsontown took over providing police coverage to McEwensville from the Pennsylvania State Police in July, following much discussion in both municipalities.

Per the terms of the contract, McEwensville agreed to pay Watsontown $8,190 for one year of service, with either side being able to opt out of the agreement by giving 30-days written notice.

McEwensville Borough Council President Clyde Smith previously said the first year of the contract would be covered by proceeds from McEwensville’s sale of its water and wastewater treatment systems to Pennsylvania American Water.

Department of Public Works Director Brent Frey reported during Monday’s meeting that his department will soon begin demolishing storage buildings in the Watsontown cemetery. The equipment stored there will now be housed in buildings at a nearby property also owned by the borough.

Moyer described the buildings to be torn down as “falling apart.”

Frey noted that roofing and spouting from the buildings will be saved as those items can still be used at another location, if necessary.

Jarrett said he is collecting pricing options for mausoleum-type buildings which ashes could be be laid to rest in. He said the location where the storage buildings are currently located would be ideal location for such buildings.

He will provide pricing information to council at a future meeting.

Jarrett also reported the Montgomery House Warrior Run Area Public Library is considering holding a wing fest in the Watsontown Memorial Park. The library will be presenting the borough with proposed dates for the festival.

Staff writer Kevin Mertz can be reached at 570-742-9671 or email kevin@standard-journal.com.

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