Details for Milton Raceway Self Storage, LLC along with Hughesville Raceway Self

Milton Raceway Self Storage, LLC along with Hughesville Raceway Self Storage, LLC in order to satisfy its statutory lien pursuant to 73 P.S. 1901 et seq., will sell at Public Sale, online, for the storage unit contents located at Milton Raceway Self Storage, 140 Clemens Rd. Watsontown, PA along with Hughesville Raceway Self Storage, 92 Green Valley Road, Hughesville PA.All the personal property stored in its facilities in the following units, placed by Heather Gardner, Kristin Walker, Melissa Hunter, Christopher Barbazon, Joan Stutzman-Hamm, Dakota Adams, Casey Swank, Tyrone Sanders, Cassandra Rundell, Lynlee Daye, Heather Emery, Pamela Aderhold, Jon Campbell, David Ciraulo, Maria Ferrari, Kacy Beck, Angela Stock, Discy Escalera, Sarah McHenry, Tiffany O�Donnell, Chris Martin, Jedaisca Colon, David Cory, Mia Williams, Jeremy Liddic, James Crisswell, William Masser, and Marcia Myers. The units consist of miscellaneous items. Auction to be held October 25th-October 29th, 2021 online at Owner reserves the right to bid at Public Sale, reject any and all bids, cancel or adjourn the sale. To resolve the claim, call Raceway Storage at 570-447-4436.


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