NOTICE OF INTENT TO ADOPT ORDINANCEThe Delaware Township Supervisors at their meeting of June 7, 2021, authorized the advertisement of their intent to consider the adoption of a Driveway Ordinance. At their regular meeting on July 6, 2021, they will hold a public hearing at 7:00 p.m., prevailing time, and at that regular meeting following the hearing they may adopt the Ordinance. A full copy of the proposed Ordinance is available at the Township Building and at Standard-Journal Newspaper. A brief summary of the proposed Ordinance is as follows:A permit will be required to connect a private driveway to any public street or road in the Township. This applies to construction or reconstruction, altering the grade, line or width of any shoulder, berm or drainage area within a public right of way.The work shall comply wit the design standards set forth or those of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, whichever is applicable.A fee will be established for permits.The design standards include setback restrictions, distances from intersecting streets or roads, clear sight triangles, drainage requirements, minimum and maximum widths, manner of connection and angle thereof, paving requirements, and internal turnaround provisions. There are also provisions for common driveways. Penalties are established for violation of the terms of the Ordinance and empowering the enforcement thereof.All interested parties may appear at the public hearing and be heard before it is concluded.Delaware Township1960 Eighth Street DriveWatsontown, PA 17777Preston L. Davis, Solicitor


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