NEW YORK — CNN anchor Chris Cuomo has reaffirmed his commitment to CNN and his gratitude for his primetime perch, a day after the TV host expressed frustration at elements of his job.

“I’ve never been in a better position professionally, I’ve never been more grateful, I’ve never been on a better team,” Cuomo said Tuesday on his SiriusXM show. “I love where I am. I love the position that I’ve been given. And I love who I’m doing it with.”

The latest comments were in marked contrast to the way he described his job 24 hours before, saying he was tired of interviewing disingenuous politicians and didn’t “value indulging irrationality, hyper-partisanship.” He also said: “I don’t like what I do professionally.”

Cuomo clarified what he meant on Tuesday, saying “it is frustrating to do this job in an environment where people are not interested and open. It is hard to practice journalism when people are so intent on believing what they want to believe for political advantage.”

Cuomo has tested positive for the coronavirus and has been broadcasting from his basement while in self-quarantine. He said he’s been “rethinking a lot of things on an existential basis all the time.”

On Tuesday, he thanked the network for giving him a long-term contract and for its coverage of the coronavirus, which he called “phenomenal.” He said he had no intention of leaving CNN but questioned how much a difference he was making.

“I was talking about having legitimate questions,” he said. “Is the way I do this working? If it’s not working can I do it differently, do I want to do it differently? Would that work?”

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