LEWISBURG — A remedy for poor drainage at the Brandon Kramm Memorial Baseball field was approved Thursday night by Lewisburg Area School District (LAHS) directors.

The district awarded a $232,730 contract to Hummer Turf Grass Systems, of Manheim, to fix the runoff challenges at the field. Kramm, a member of the Class of 2001, died in 2013 of a rare liver disease. Plans for the field took shape in 2019 and earlier with dedication delayed until a year ago.

Dr. John Fairchild, LAHS director of administrative services, said frequent, hard rains unexpectedly left the field unusable for long periods. Previous repair attempts were temporary and not as successful as hoped.

“Now we are going to be doing a permanent fix,” Fairchild said. “It involves renovating the infield by putting a slope in there. We will also be improving the drainage both under the infield and under the outfield.”

Engineers hope drainage will be accomplished by installing lines of sand and plastic tubing under the field surface which will channel water into a retention pond on the property. Work will be scheduled over the summer with grass work and sodding needed to complete the job.

Fairchild said if there is a heavy rain on a game day morning, the improvements could make the field playable by the afternoon. Improvements could be complete for the 2023 season.

Talk of a field honoring the alumnus began in 2018 and received significant support from the Green Dragon Foundation. Support for Kramm, also a student-athlete at Harvard University, also came from football teammates who rallied to raise funds.

“No matter what, we want to honor the Kramm family,” said Director Dr. Erin Jablonski. “That’s important as we’re continuing to try and make everything work.”

Jablonski similarly acknowledged the Green Dragon Foundation, an independent group dedicated to public school support through gifts. Fairchild cited the expertise of the Hummer company and their work for Penn State baseball and Little League fields in South Williamsport.

Green Dragon Softball was awarded certificates for a District 4 title and finishing the season as PIAA Class AAA state runners-up. Team members included Olivia Hockenbrock, Sydney Bolinsky, Carley Wagner, Lorren Huff, Ryan Brouse, Erin Field, Makaila Huff, Mattison Lytle, Kate Beers, Whitney Berge, Kimberly Shannon, Gracie Murphy, Rylee Dyroff, Alexis Waler and Kayla Pfleegor.

The Lewisburg Area High School boys lacrosse team made it to state competition and received certificates Thursday night. Team members included Eric Gilger, Matthew Spaulding, Collin Starr, Mason Fassero, Hamzah Abou-eid, DerekGessner, Alex Koontz, Rowen Martin, Matt Reish, Tyler Downs, Quin Michaels, Julian Alabakoff, Jimmy Bailey, Griffin Malloy, Bed Redding, Fin Martin, Hagen Persun, Ben Bailey, Joey Martin and Owen Ordonez.

Gavin Schwartz, Jack Kilbride, Hayes Schumacher, Miles Fassero, Evan Aikey, Danon Alabakoff, Evan Gilger, Miller Lorenz, Teddy Homuth, Nate Malusis and Joe Ordonez were also on the squad. They were coached by John Vaji with assistance from Chris Bailey and Eric Martin.

Boys track and field team members received certificates for reaching state competition and having an undefeated season as a team. Micah Zook, Thomas Hess, Bryce Ryder, Thomas Hess, Cam Michaels, Jacob Hess and Jonathan Hess were present for the acknowledgement.

Staff writer Matt Farrand can be reached at 570-742-9671 and via email at matt@standard-journal.com.

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