Will Gower

Lewisburg’s Will Gower sets up a play from behind Danville’s net during Friday’s home conference game against the Ironmen.

LEWISBURG — Two big keys to winning any game is scoring early, and often.

Lewisburg played that to a “T” in Friday’s game against Danville, with the end result being a big victory for the Green Dragons.

And with three games remaining in the regular season, Lewisburg is peaking at the right time as the Green Dragons cruised to a lop-sided 16-4 triumph over Danville at Lewisburg Area High School.

Junior attack Will Gower led the offensive onslaught for Lewisburg (9-2) by scoring five goals.

“It was just a fast game today. We were working it together as a team,” said Gower. “Our last game against Mifflinburg (a 19-12 win on Tuesday) was kind of rough. It was kind of a selfish game (for players), and this game we just pulled it together and worked as a team.”

Two goals by Gower helped give Lewisburg a 4-0 lead in the first quarter. Ethan Spaulding, however, got the rout going with an unassisted goal just 49 seconds into the game.

In the second quarter, Brett Newcomb scored unassisted with a mere 20 seconds off the clock to precede goals by Gower and Matt Spaulding to get the hosts out to a 7-0 lead.

“I think it all started with our defense. We got very aggressive on rides, and the first goal of the game came off Collin Starr getting a turnover and we were able to capitalize on it. And then in the back, Broghan Persun and Joey Martin (played well),” said Lewisburg coach John Vaji.

“The last time we played Danville, Mitch Vanden Heuvel scored seven goals against us, and we wanted to concentrate on where he was at because he’s an outstanding scorer. The other guys were recognizant of where he was at, and it led to us to be able to get ground balls, turnovers and get into transition.”

Danville (6-7) would score two of the next three goals, but a streak of five straight tallies by Lewisburg, including two more goals by Matt Spaulding and one by Gower, and the Green Dragons carried 13-2 lead into the break.

Gower’s goal there with 2:38 remaining was the jewel of the game, as he shot it from behind his back.

“Well, a goal is a goal — even if it’s a fundamental goal — it’s still the same thing as (scoring) behind the back,” said Gower. “I just thought it was the right thing to do at that time — in that situation.”

Gower scored his fifth and final goal 36 seconds into the second half to give Lewisburg a 14-2 lead as well as put the mercy rule into effect.

In addition to Gower, Matt Spaulding added four goals, plus Collin Starr and Ethan Spaulding had two apiece.

“We were able to get into transition, make some quick easy passes and get some great scoring opportunities. It was huge to be able to get going like (we did to start each half),” said Vaji. “I hope the guys realize how important this win is. Danville is a good team. Our guys came out focused and played really well.

“So I think this was a very good, complete performance by us.”

Lewisburg next plays Selinsgrove on the road at 6:15 p.m., Tuesday.


Lewisburg 16, Danville 4

at Lewisburg

Danville 0 2 0 2 — 4

Lewisburg 4 9 3 0 — 16

First quarter

L - Ethan Spaulding, unassisted, 11:11.

L - Collin Starr, assist Wyeth Martin, 8:10.

L - Will Gower, unassisted, 7:29.

L - Gower, assist E. Spaulding, 2:49.

Second quarter

L - Brett Newcomb, unassisted, 11:40.

L - Gower, unassisted, 7:27.

L - Matt Spaulding, assist E. Spaulding, 7:11.

D - Logan Weaver, unassisted, 5:33.

L - M. Spaulding, unassisted, 5:18.

D - Mitch Vanden Heuvel, unassisted, 4:46.

L - Martin, unassisted, 3:12.

L - Gower, assist M. Spaulding, 2:38.

L - Eric Starr, unassisted, 2:03.

L - M. Spaulding, assist Alex Koontz, :33.5.

L - M. Spaulding, unassisted, :01.

Third quarter

L - Gower, assist Newcomb, 11:24.

L - E. Spaulding, unassisted, 8:42.

L - Mitchell VanBuskirk, unassisted, 5:45.

Fourth quarter

D - Vanden Heuvel, unassisted, 9:58.

D - Vanden Heuvel, unassisted, 3:05.

Shots: Lewisburg, 45-14; Saves: Lewisburg (Connor McCollum), 7; Danville, 19.

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