TURBOTVILLE — As Warrior Run boys soccer coach Andy Bieber continues his lengthy battle with a brain tumor, a couple of area women are hoping to make his life, and that of his family, a little bit easier.

Tessa Carter, and her sister-in-law Angela Carter, will be holding a “Bundles for Bieber” fundraiser at tonight’s football game between Warrior Run and visiting Danville. Game time between the Heartland-II foes is 7 p.m.

Just like the majority of the people in the close-knit community of Turbotville, as well as from the surrounding areas, Tessa Carter was blindsided when she heard about Bieber’s condition.

“I think myself and the entire community was shocked at coach Andy’s diagnosis. From what I know of him from soccer he was very active — on the go all the time with his kids for sports as well as the boys soccer team. These types of diagnosis always seem so unfair, leaving the question of why,” Carter said.

“Andy is a huge part of our small community. He has been a soccer coach to our Warrior Run boys for a very long time. Even through all of these health issues you will find him at the soccer field while his team practices.”

But it wasn’t until Tessa Carter saw Bieber at “Meet the Defender” night a couple of weeks ago where she decided she needed to do something to help.

“I had not seen Andy for a while. But when they introduced his team he came out with them. I don’t believe there was a dry eye in the gymnasium. He received two standing ovations from everyone there. To me, that says a lot,” said Carter. “What also says a lot is the respect that our sports players have for him. It was an incredible moment in that gym to see everyone standing and applauding. The boys soccer players also had a sign for him with the saying “All In”. I’ve read that this is their inspirational quote for the whole team and Andy.

“So that night I sent my sister-in-law Angela a text asking her about a fundraiser — just to raise awareness that Andy is still battling this health issue. Our mission is to bring awareness that there is still a need for helping hands for the Bieber family as I can’t even begin to imagine what they are still going through,” added Carter.

“Fundraisers come and go and sometimes people forget that families are still living with issues everyday that haven’t been resolved. As a community we don’t want to forget the Bieber family. He certainly hasn’t forgotten our boys soccer players.”

Tessa Carter along with her sister-in-law, who happens to be a longtime consultant with direct sales company Thirty-One, put together this unique fundraiser which they hope will bring in a sizable amount of money that will all go directly to the Bieber family, which includes Andy’s wife Nichole, along with their children Avery, AJ and Amarah.

“My sister-in-law Angela is an amazing person with a huge heart. She focuses her business more for everyone else than she does for herself,” said Tessa Carter. “She was on board right away with this idea of making flyers and packets. She is really the lead behind this. Without her and her business this wouldn’t even be possible. I’ve heard her say numerous times that her business isn’t about her, it’s about others — keeping them happy, giving them a helping hand and having fun with it. She really made this fundraiser take off.”

The bundle consists of a medium utility tote and a key fob. The cost is $40, and the Carters are hoping that they sell 200 of them for the Bieber family.

“Thirty-One is very popular. It’s a great product, and I’m hoping that the community comes together and we can sell our goal,” said Tessa Carter. “Word of mouth has been good. We have had many people contact us with questions. We are hoping they all come out to support our soccer coach, and of course watch our awesome Warrior Run football team.

“If we sell over 200 bundles that would be awesome. With prayers, I truly believe we can meet our goal,” added Tessa. “Angela and I are both looking forward to the stand being set up. Danville’s support for our soccer coach would be awesome, and I’m hoping we can reach as many people as possible.”

The “Bundles for Bieber” table will be set up adjacent to the field, with signs designed by members of the girls soccer team directing those willing to purchase a bundle where to go.

However, the bundles won’t be available for cash and carry during the game. Instead, order forms will be available for people to fill out and the bundles will be delivered in time for Christmas — in case anyone needs any early gift ideas.

“Angela and I would like to thank our school district staff for helping us with this fundraiser, and to all the sports players for their commitment to Andy and his family,” said Tessa Carter. “And we would like to thank Coach Andy for all he has given to these players. This fundraiser isn’t about Angela or me or Thirty-One, it’s about rallying together to help someone.

“Together as a community we can succeed in this fundraiser,” added Carter.

And hopefully help the Bieber family during this trying time.

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