MIFFLINBURG — When it’s your day, you just know it.

That’s how Milton’s Leah Walter felt when she woke up Wednesday morning and she carried that feeling throughout the day all the way to a win in the girls varsity cross country race at the HAC cross-over meet at Mifflinburg.

The victory came for Walter despite the fact that she and the Black Panthers’ girls varsity soccer team had a late night Tuesday following a 6-1 win over Central Mountain.

“Our soccer game ended kind of late so when I got home, I stretched out my legs and did some rolling (exercises) and when I woke up (Wednesday), I said to myself, ‘This is going to be my day,’” Walter said. “Coyla (Bartholomew), Danville’s number one girl, she really pushed me through it. She and I used to race back in middle school and we’ve been pushing each other since then. She’s great to run with.”

Walter and Bartholomew were close to each other at the front of the pack throughout the entire race, but Milton’s runner pushed ahead near the 10:30 mark and carried the lead to victory.

The win follows a personal record set last week at Lewisburg and though she is dividing her time equally between her two sports, Walter mentioned her coaches and teammates as the reason she has been seeing success both on the pitch and the trail this fall.

“My teammates are doing a great job of pushing me through workouts, even though I’m splitting time between cross country and soccer,” Walter said. “Ariane Raymond, our senior, she is such a great leader and she really inspires me. It helps to have great coaches, and they really push me to take the next step.”

In the boys race, Milton had another winner in Tanner Walter, a senior who has gotten stronger as the season has progressed.

Over the weekend, Walter set a personal record for any Milton runner on the course at Bloomsburg University which hosted the NEPA Invitational. The time gave Walter a fourth place finish at the meet and he translated that into a 10-second victory over Danville’s Eli Zakarian on Wednesday.

“We were supposed to run a workout (in the first two miles) and then see what we could do in the last section,” Walter said. “I just went after it. The (NEPA meet) gave me a lot of confidence heading into the end of the season. Today was just a workout and we’re definitely going to be ready for the postseason.”

Walter caught Zarkarian in the final mile and used a push up the last large hilll to overtake the eventual second place finisher.

“I saw he didn’t have the greatest hill and I just capitalized on the opportunity,” Walter said. “Quick steps really got me up the hill and I didn’t have to work as hard as he did the first two miles, so I was a lot fresher at the end than he was.”


Danville 25, Milton 31

Milton 15, Upper Dauphin 50

Milton 15, Jersey Shore 45

Milton 15, Mifflinburg 45

Milton 15, Montgomery 50

Danville 15, Mifflinburg 50

Mifflinburg 15, Upper Dauphin 50

Mifflinburg 27, Jersey Shore 29

Mifflinburg 15, Montgomery 49

at Mifflinburg

Top 10 finishers and locals only:

1. Tanner Walter, Milt, 17:30; 2. Eli Zakarian, Dan, 17:40; 3. Rory Leiberman, Dan, 18:13; 4. Brody Bender, Milton, 18:22; 5. John Maize, Dan, 18:29; 6. Evan Klinger, Dan, 18:30; 7. Timmy Marvin, Milt, 18:40; 8. Colton Loreman, Milt, 18:41; 9. Nick Krohn, Dan, 18:56; 10. Cole Hasenbalg, Dan, 19:08; 12. Chase Bilodeau, Milt, 19:14; 15. Harrison Abram, Miff, 19:32; 17. Nathan Barnett, Milt, 19:45; 18. Tyler Foltz, Miff, 19:53; 20. Izaak Grodotzke, Miff, 20:16; 23. Daniel Reimer, Miff, 20:22; 24. Brandon Newcomer, Milt, 20:23; 25. Jonah Snyder, Milt, 20:48; 27. Chris Wright, Milt, 20:55; 28. Carson Brubaker, Miff, 20:58; 30. Tyler Lobos, Milt, 21:10; 31. AJ Wendt, Milt, 21:14; 34. Dominic Dorman, Miff, 22:26; 42. Cody Templin, Milt, 23:24; 43. Alex Miller, Miff, 23:31; 46. Dawson Geiser, Milt, 24:22.


Danville 25, Milton 32

Milton 22, Jersey Shore 35

Milton 15, Upper Dauphin 50

Milton 15, Mifflinburg 46

Danville 15, Mifflinburg 50

Jersey Shore 20, Mifflinburg 37

Mifflinburg 15, Upper Dauphin 50

at Mifflinburg

Top 10 finishers and locals only: 1. Leah Walter, Milt, 20:57; 2. Coyla Bartholomew, Dan, 21:11; 3. Abby Gerst, JS, 21:32; 4. Ariane Raymond, Milt, 22:14; 5. Emma Mikita, Dan, 22:49; 6. Rachel Buzzini, Dan, 22:51; 7. Olivia Huron, 22:52; 8. Katelyn Zimmerman, Milt, 23:13; 9. Grace Petrick, Dan, 23:28; 10. Hadley Hager, JS, 23:41; 11. Karenza Musser, Milt, 24:23; 16. Ryleigh Stewart, Milt, 26:12; 18. Alexis Scopelliti, Miff, 26:35; 22. Ashley Shamblen, Milt, 27:32; 23. Kendall Houtz, Miff, 27:44; 24. Ashley Haberman, Miff, 28:05; 25. Jillian Hopple, Milt, 28:22; 27. Kailie Stephens, Miff, 28:57; 28. Jacklyn Hopple, 29:29; 32. Leslie Krebs, Milt, 30:39.

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