DANVILLE — Lewisburg’s boys and girls cross country teams both claimed Heartland-II titles on Tuesday, the first time both teams have won division titles in the same season since 2011.

The Green Dragons’ boys team swept a quad meet against Danville, South Williamsport and Warrior Run, while the Green Dragons girls squad went 1-1 on the day against the Defenders and the Ironmen.

Jacob Hess led Lewisburg’s boys team (19-0) with a first place finish in 17:03 — just ahead of teammate Peter Lantz (17:24) and Warrior Run’s Damein Moser (17:32).

Hess and Moser were side-by-side throughout the first mile-and-a-half of the course, but the Lewisburg sophomore was able to pull away in the second half of the race thanks to his work on the hills.

“(Moser) was with me through the whole race, even at the hill, but he kind of peeled away as I was able to maintain that pace even after the hill,” Hess said. “When you see a hill like that you think, ‘I just have to get up this hill,’ and you don’t realize you have to keep running once you get to the top. I just tried to work the whole thing and maintain the hills.”

According to Hess, the perfect season and HAC-II title for the Lewisburg boys is a product of a team full of runners who all possess different strengths and who aren’t afraid to push one another, both during workouts and during races.

“I don’t know if I would be quite as fast as I didn’t have them there to do the workouts,” Hess said. “To have the different people, who can push the different aspects of our training, it really helps us all to get better at a consistent rate. If I were just on a team and they were on different teams, we probably all wouldn’t be as good as we are together.”

Warrior Run’s boys went 1-2 on the day. In addition to Moser’s third-place finish, Caden Dufrene finished 11th in 18:14.

Lewisburg’s girls team (17-1) claimed the division title with a 19-40 win over Danville, but the Green Dragons fell to Warrior Run, 22-33, to suffer their only loss of the season.

Warrior Run’s Lauren Trapani won the race in 19:31 — just ahead of teammate Emma Miller (20:51) and Lewisburg’s Delaney Humphrey (21:02).

Trapani led the race from start to finish and was never challenged as her pace was a full 80 seconds faster than Miller’s. Trapani said after the race that getting out to a big lead early in a race is a goal, mainly because it helps her to relax and focus.

“Going into it, our team’s plan was to win the race and (being in front) was kind of my job,” Trapani said. “It helps me relax a little bit more kind of ease into the race, keep a steady pace.”

Mikaela Majcher came in fourth in 21:10 for the Defenders and Hannah Mirshahi was fifth (21:12) for the Green Dragons.

Both teams now get ready for the HAC Invitational on Saturday at Shikellamy Area High School.


Lewisburg 18, Danville 41

Danville 23, Warrior Run 36

Danville 23, So. Williamsport 36

Lewisburg 18, Warrior Run 44

Lewisburg 18, So. Williamsport 44

Warrior Run 27, So. Williamsport 28

at Danville, 3.1-mile course

Top 10 finishers and locals only:

1. Jacob Hess, Lew, 17:03; 2. Peter Lantz, Lew, 17:24; 3. Damein Moser, WR, 17:32; 4. Post Hubler, SW, 17:42; 5. Calvin Bailey, Lew, 17:46; 6. Eli Zakarian, Dan, 17:51; 7. Thomas Hess, Lew, 17:55; 8. Rory Leiberman, Dan, 17:56; 9. Evan Hart, Lew, 18:07; 10. Jain Licu, Lew, 18:13; 11. Caden Dufrene, WR, 18:14; 15. Chen Chen Gu, Lew, 18:31; 16. Connor Murray, Lew, 18:35; 17. Bryce Rider, Lew, 18:36; 19. Chris Rawson, Lew, 18:42; 21. Andrew Adams, WR, 18:54; 23. Noah Shabahang, Lew, 19:03; 24. Ezra Buonopane, Lew, 19:10; 27. Clayton Shaffer, Lew, 20:03; 28. Alessandro Perrone, Lew, 20:04; 29. Jason Wood, WR, 20:11; 31. Micah Zook, Lew, 20:23; 32. Logan Bartlett, Lew, 20:26; 35. Liam Boyer, WR, 20:37; 53. Spencer Fogleman, WR, 23:11.


Lewisburg 19, Danville 40

Warrior Run 17, Danville 41

Warrior Run 22, Lewisburg 33

at Danville, 3.1-mile course

Top 10 finishers and locals only: 1. Lauren Trapani, WR, 19:31; 2. Emma Miller, WR, 20:51; 3. Delaney Humphrey, Lew, 21:02; 4. Mikaela Majcher, WR, 21:10; 5. Hannah Mirshahi, Lew, 21:12; 6. Olivia Beattie, Lew, 21:21; 7. Coyle Bartholomew, Dan, 21:26; 8. Alyssa Hoffman, WR, 21:40; 9. Alana Ranck, WR, 21:47; 10. Emma Mikita, Dan, 21:49; 11. Sam Wakeman, Lew, 21:52; 12. Maggie Daly, Lew, 22:00; 13. Sage Dunkleberger, WR, 22:12; 15. Alexa Binney, Lew, 22:19; 16. Anna Batkowski, Lew, 22:41; 17. Kyra Binney, Lew, 22:45; 19. Liberty Justice-Dean, Lew, 22:53; 21. Gina Walsh, Lew, 23:20; 22. Grace Evans, Lew, 23:30; 23. Cameron Trapani, WR, 23:30; 25. Ariana Garcia-Easton, Lew, 23:53; 28. Emma Freeman, Lew, 24:54; 30. Asha Hohmuth, Lew, 25:21; 33. Kara Hoffman, WR, 25:48.

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