There’s nothing like a big bust to pique the curiosity of everyone in the neighborhood.

News media that hadn’t set foot in Milton in months, even years, descended upon the borough late last week as federal, state and local law enforcement announced results from a three-year operation — Operation Save Milton — which resulted in the arrest of 17 and indictment of nearly two dozen on charges ranging from possession to firearms violations.

Local law enforcement deserves much credit for spearheading the effort, all while keeping the investigation under wraps so as to not tip off potential suspects.

As more than 100 law enforcement officials filtered into area communities Thursday morning, the operation went off without any reports of injuries.

Of course, social media lit up with news of the police presence and some took jabs. It is social media, after all. It’s easy to incite, jab, critique and simply spout off from behind a keyboard, or handheld device.

Words of wisdom came during the press conference.

Milton Chief Curt Zettlemoyer said it best when he advised the media horde, “Milton is a good community.”

It’s no secret Milton gets picked on from time to time. We hear the murmurs, the suggestions, the scuttle on the street.

We also read the newspaper and notice that others caught up in the raid were from Lewisburg (several, four in fact), Northumberland, Sunbury and Williamsport.

None of our communities are immune from crime.

We are blessed, though, with local law enforcement, state police and federal authorities willing to work together for the betterment of the whole.

The spirit of cooperation is alive and well, as we all witnessed Friday in Milton.

May it continue to thrive in our wonderful communities.

Chris Brady is managing editor at The Standard-Journal. He can be reached at

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