In support of gas drilling

I am a strong, vocal supporter of natural gas drilling in Pennsylvania because I know drilling can be done safely, without harm to the environment, and in the process, can help make Pennsylvania an energy independent state. To oppose natural gas development is to support keeping the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania bound up and dependent on overseas oil kingdoms that, frankly, hate our country and our freedoms.

To support energy independence, we need to stop the constant asinine attacks on our state’s natural gas industry. Since development of the Marcellus Shale,Pennsylvania natural gas has generated billions of dollars for our economy while supporting high-paying jobs for thousands of Pennsylvanians. And in exchange for the right to operate, the industry pays millions in taxes to support our communities through impact fees and other taxes.

Despite this, Governor Wolf and his cronies in Harrisburg wants to pass additional taxes on the industry with the imposition of a severance tax. Just what we don’t need.I have no doubt this tax would lead to higher energy bills, lost jobs, and greater dependence on foreign sources of energy – things Pennsylvania cannot afford nor do we want.

We must be a state that supports a thriving energy sector. A strong energy sector means strong agricultural and manufacturing sectors – and this means more high-paying jobs for Pennsylvanians.

Our representatives in Harrisburg must put Pennsylvania and America first and vote against Gov. Wolf’s severance tax.

Stephen Mohr,

Chairman, Unified Sportsmen of PA

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