‘Get back to safe church’

Some have said in recent letters to the editor that they can not see sitting far apart and wearing a mask in church. Pray before going in and ask God to let us be free from spreading the virus. God will be with us, have faith. Period.

Let us pray God favors Pa. church members, he is not showing any remorse for folks in Texas, Florida, Virginia, Arkansas and other states.

Chesterfield, Va.: Pator Glenn, age 66, bishop of Evanglisitic Church Va., died from the virus. The bishop’s wife tested positive. The bishop did not follow social distancing and large gatherings.

Arkansas: Pastor, wife and dozens of church members infected with the virus. Pastor said he pushed the envelope too far, ignored social distancing and large gatherings.

Multiple churches across the US had similar results despite warnings from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Attend a church that has common-sense virus protections. Stay safe, participate in keeping your friends, family, neighbors and others safe.

William Alberston,


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