• Mother Nature provided a splendid day for Saturday’s Veterans Day ceremony in Mifflinburg.

It was great to see so many veterans — from so many eras — and local residents come out on a chilly, but spectacularly sunny day to celebrate the service of our men and women in arms.

Speakers Michael Balducci and Buzz Meachum delivered great speeches and Pastor Richard DeVett provided heartfelt and moving words of prayer. The playing of Taps by Marine Corps veteran Brandon Moore was especially poignant after the reading of names of those lost in service to country.

• Federal lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have much to do.

Work for the people has stalled, and both sides are to blame. Yes, both sides. The political partisanship in Washington is toxic and it’s up to us to force the change. Name-calling, stonewalling, and retreating to respective bunkers does little to advance the agenda of the American people.

Most people can walk and chew gum at the same time. Evidently, Congress is not among those with such talent.

• PennDOT’s decision to implement traffic cameras in work zones is good news for workers who — thanks to the carelessness of today’s drivers — risk life and limb to work on our states highways.

Under the pilot program, offenders won’t be ticketed right away. Enforcement officially begins next year.

The program is designed to detect motorists traveling at 11 mph or more over the posted speed limit. It will go a long way toward protecting workers, as well as increasingly distracted motorists.

• Inconsiderate drivers are risking life and limb in local work zones. Travel Route 147 between I-80 and the area just south of Route 45 and you know the risks that come with it. As road workers finish the paving and safety improvements along the busy thoroughfare, drivers dart in and out of traffic prior to the one-lane changeover, risking the lives of all around them.

Sadly, drivers rather routinely speed up at exits or areas of merging traffic, putting not only themselves but others at risk, and for what?

Weeks back, a driver failed to stop at a posted stop sign along one of the exits in the work zone and nearly ran a tractor-trailer into the median. Only the skill of the tractor-trailer driver prevented what could have been a horrific crash.

No matter your sense of urgency, is it worth the risk to drive irresponsibly? No one can answer such a question from the grave.

• Congrats to area athletes as the fall scholastic season continues to wind down.

The Lewisburg boys won a PIAA cross country title on Saturday in Hershey, paced by a fifth-place finish from Jacob Hess, and 13th place from Peter Lantz.

On the girls side, Warrior Run’s Lauren Trapani took ninth as the Defenders took third in the team race. Lewisburg finished fifth.

Warrior Run won its first-ever playoff football game Friday, and has advanced to the District 4 Class 3A semifinal against top-seeded Montoursville on Friday. The Defenders gave the Warriors all they could handle in a week four 28-7 loss. Expect another hard-fought game this week.

The Lewisburg boys soccer team claimed yet another District 4 title over the weekend, as did the girls field hockey team.

Good luck to teams still battling for district hardware this week, as well as those who have moved on to their respective state tournaments.

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