Can you believe it’s Fall? I can! With the summer passing so quickly and one parade after another, the days and weeks have come and gone. Vacation seems so far away, too. My puppet friends at the Puppet Home have been on the go and just returned from a trip to Virginia again to Joshua’s hands and many other festivals. I do believe I need a personal secretary to keep everything straight. Did you notice that I missed the Milton Harvest Parade this year? Yes, Miss Donna (Bridge) and Miss Lisa (Derr) overbooked me! True, I’m just a puppet. However, I can’t be two places at one time! So Miss Donna had to do the float without me while I was doing a party! From what I hear, the float was a success! Rehearsing the song with them was great fun and having Courtney back on the team was so exciting! That’s what Kingdom Kidz is all about — training team members. We really miss them when they leave for other purposes/jobs, but are elated when they return! It’s like she never forgot what she learned! Yeah!

Now if that doesn’t get my curls jumping, nothing will or when you hear my new assignment, maybe your curls (if you have any) will be jumping, too! There’s a lot of remodeling and cleaning up happening at the Puppet Home in preparation for our open house on Oct. 22. Yes, I am the supervisor in charge of everything! Can you imagine that Miss Donna and Miss Lisa are leaving me in charge? Oh my, there’s painting, dusting, hammering, deadlines and all that goes with such a job that I am exhausted until the end of the day. But have no fear. We will be ready with most of the major tasks, I hope. Anyway, just come and see what we are doing. I think you will be surprised. The doors will open at 4 p.m. and stay open until 7 p.m. It won’t cost a thing for you to come and see what we are doing. I may even get to hold the ribbon which will be cut and see my friend, Jeff Shaffer, from the Central PA Chamber of Commerce. Other dignitaries have been invited, too! Oh this is so exciting!

And to keep things interesting, we are preparing our Christmas program for the 2019 season. Phone calls and emails are coming fast and furious. Miss Lisa received five calls the other day! As the team and program director, she is one busy person. The team will begin rehearsing “Countdown to Christmas” very soon and December is looking full with programs! I will really need to rest during the evenings to be ready for Christmas and all the activities Miss Lisa has planned. She and Miss Donna have been hitting the road with a power point presentation about Kingdom Kidz. It’s been well received and donations are coming in. The board of directors has instructed them to begin another capital campaign to make the renovations to the sanctuary. The cost is about $50,000 to add a HVAC system, lighting, carpet, sound and up-to-date technology so programs can be held there. Can you imagine me in lights? I’ll have to get a pair of sunglasses! This is going to be fun! Quality programs using puppetry will be presented and I am ecstatic. This is a dream come true! (Oh, wait a minute! Do puppets dream?) Well, maybe I just heard the board, Miss Donna, Miss Lisa and the team talking. Sometimes I get confused! Maybe it’s my age!

Well, I do remember that the team will be heading to Lewistown on Oct. 19 to present three programs at a corn maze. Oh that’s after they have presented a program at the Apple Butter Festival in New Columbia. Then the next day is the puppet dinner theater! Now how do Miss Lisa and Miss Donna think I can keep all of this straight? Yes, a social secretary is needed!

So, after the open house and Christmas rehearsals beginning, I need to be ready for Light the Night on Oct. 31 when all the kids are invited to the Puppet Home for crafts, food, games and a program. What fun! The board will be cooking hot dogs, popping popcorn, and so much more! What a team!

Golly, I hope to see you at our upcoming programs soon. Check out the schedule on our website or Facebook page. Miss Donna (Bridge) posts something every day! Maybe you can give me some tips on how to keep all of the happenings organized and straight. I just don’t want to forget anything!

For information about Kingdom Kidz Inc. and their nonprofit organization, visit

Donna Bridge is the founder of Kingdom Kidz Inc. and lives in Milton. To comment, simply e-mail

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