At times, you just have to scratch your head.

You can’t make these things up, no matter what is said via social media and through spin doctors at press briefings.

Facts are facts. Even as a three-star general admitted his faults in federal court this week, the White House continued to spin its own narrative. It’s amazing.

The news has been bad for 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. in recent days, despite some solid legislative achievements on the Hill.

Trump Foundation was dissolved this week after the attorney general in New York noted “a shocking pattern of illegality... — including unlawful coordination with the Trump presidential campaign, repeated and willful self-dealing, and much more.”

For those unfamiliar, foundations are charitable organizations which are supposed to make good on their promises. Funds are donated to foundations — by those with means and average Joes as well — and those overseeing foundations are charged with ensuring the funds are distributed appropriately and legally.

Trump is alleged to have used funds from the foundation to pay legal settlements for private businesses and purchase sports memorabilia. Basically, he used the monies for himself.

The foundation must now sell its remaining assets and donate proceeds, per the attorney general.

Investigators noted that Trump Foundation officers — Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump and Ivanka Trump — never held a board meeting and that the board hadn’t met since 1999. One of the board members — Allen Weisselberg, a Trump Organization financial officer — didn’t even know he was on the board.

There’s no need to delve into it further. If you want to read about gross mismanagement and documented illegalities, you may do so yourself. It’s not hard to find. Much of the reading leaves you sick to your stomach.

Handling other people’s money is not a strong suit for the president, as we all saw with the $25 million settlement in February stemming from multiple fraud allegations hovering over the now-defunct Trump University, all of which kickstarted before he ever took office.

Students seeking to learn the “secrets of success” in the real estate industry paid thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars to Trump University.

None of this is a secret. It’s as public as the streets you travel on your daily commute.

The question is why so many elected officials refuse to hold the president accountable for his actions. Why do so few supporters of the president demand he clean up his act?

Were these offenses committed by a man named Clinton, Bush or Obama, the elected leaders in Congress would be apoplectic.

The feckless Democrats in Washington shouldn’t be the ones champing at the bit to hold the president accountable. It should be those who elected him to office.

Chris Brady is managing editor at The Standard-Journal. He can be reached at

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