Whether the course was to be offered online or in the classroom, another casualty of the Politically Correct Revolution (PCR) has gone down. In a “woke” effort to be culturally diverse, Yale University has eliminated their popular course: “Introduction to Art History: Renaissance to the Present.”

After a prophetic William F. Buckley, Jr. rang the alarm seven decades ago in his classic tome, “God and Man at Yale,” the Ivy League university’s plunging spiral has yet to hit rock bottom.

The reasoning that diversity is better served by addition, not subtraction is somehow lost on the folks at Yale. The Ivy school isn’t alone, however, as so much of academia has devolved into one giant, leftist indoctrination camp, sans the physical brutality.

It was during the Ford administration as youngsters we played the now retro-classic art auction board game, Masterpiece. Playing the game, you couldn’t help but review the factual information on the flip side of the large, index-card sized paintings that included Vincent van Gogh’s: Sunflowers, Paul Cézanne’s: Aix Paysage Rocheux, Leonardo da Vinci’s: The Virgin and Child with St Anne and St John the Baptist, and Claude-Oscar Monet’s: The Beach at Trouville, among many others.

A decade later, while enrolled in a collegiate art history class, who would have thought that a Parker Brothers’ board game served as its informal prerequisite. Like the now defunct class at Yale, such board games are from another era that is being dismissed as less than.

Tim Barringer, chairman of Yale’s art history department was quoted in The Wall Street Journal ridiculing the longstanding art course, saying it was “a riveting introduction to the pulse of humanism that is too white, too European, too male, and too problematic.”

Instead, Yale will introduce a “global perspective” that will consider art in relation to “questions of gender, class and race.” What no one will even attempt to addresses is what makes a cadre of brilliant, white, European male artists so overwhelming and intimidating?

Yale’s antics are nothing but hypocrisy and cronyism masquerading as diversity and multiculturalism.

When a revolution ensues, the new regime renames and removes all associations with the old rule. The PCR in which we are all subjected to is that new regime, and it makes perfect sense that Yale would behave in the way they do.

Such conduct is nothing new at Yale. Conceding to student demands a few years ago, the university ousted statues and renamed a dining hall of John Calhoun under the auspices of their Orwellian “Committee to Establish Principles on Renaming.”

Calhoun was a congressman, senator, secretary of war and vice president, and one of his generation’s most skillful orators. Calhoun’s sin: He supported slavery, in a time where such thinking was conventional and common. Moreover, most of Yale’s residential colleges are named for white men who also supported the slave trade, including Elihu Yale, who the university is named after.

The new name for Yale and all the other indoctrination factories called universities that dot the American landscape from sea to shining sea should be the Ministry of Truth.

Where are you, Winston Smith?

A subversive and treasonous ethos runs throughout the media, Hollywood and academia and it is desperately trying to recast an America that is alien to its storied founding, heritage, and in particular the nation’s established Judeo-Christian tradition.

Much of our national corporate culture and government entrenched bureaucracies, regard themselves as urbane, and well-educated, but yet they are alarmingly ignorant of civics, history and tradition while easily manipulated.

Since the Yale administration is so clearly “woke,” they should no longer accept any monies donated by capitalistic entrepreneurs, especially those straight, white males many of whom are alumni who need to stop embarrassing themselves.

Priding themselves as being so magnanimous, Yale should take it one step further and provide tuition refunds for any courses deemed problematic to former graduates.

While the ultimate act of grandeur would be to dismiss their namesake, Elihu Yale and instead rename the university for their earliest benefactor, Jeremiah Dummer, who was the one responsible in recruiting Yale as an early donor.

How convenient and self-explanatory and best of all – totally “woke.”

Rename Yale a true masterpiece – Dummer University.

Greg Maresca is a freelance columnist living in Northumberland County. To comment, simply email newsroom@standard-journal.com

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