For Americans, the future of the republic hangs in the balance

Like all of us, I am more than a label. But for the purposes of this column, I am a gay, black, Republican, an elected official and executive member of the Northumberland County Republican Committee. And I know for certain. The future success of the country depends upon the conservative values that have carried us this far.

I’d like to talk about why it is so imperative that we re-elect Donald J. Trump, for the future of the Republican Party, and most importantly, for the future of the country.

I’ve been hearing, it seems every day now, that this election is the most important in our lifetime. When is the last time an election wasn’t “the most important in our lifetime”? In my lifetime, every election has been described that way.

Let me say that I believe in the Republican principles of laissez faire, lowering our citizens’ tax burden and keeping our military strong so that we can fight for democracy on a global scale and continue United States leadership in the international arena. De Oppresso Liber.

We as Americans provide help, no matter what the burden. We keep our promises to our Allies. We honor our treaties. We haven’t always been right in our actions, but our ideals and principles have always been just. We, as the United States, have always given of ourselves because self-sacrifice is the clay from which we are made.

I am a Republican because I believe in personal responsibility. I have earned what I have, and I can tell you, it was never easy. I have taken responsibility for my life. I have stood by my conservative values from the beginning.

Those values are under assault. And, the champion we need to protect those values is Donald J. Trump. He is the champion we need, my champion, our champion.

I love my conservative friends, and one of the many reasons I do, is they understand what is at stake. Things like the Supreme Court. It seems certain the next president will get at least one, and maybe two nominations to the court. When Donald J. Trump is re-elected, we will lock up a conservative majority for the next 30 years. That alone is worth a vote for the president.

I also appreciate the way our president has dismissed identity politics. For instance, I am an advocate for legalization. It’s about the money. The money we can use to keep our communities safe. If these people are going to drugs anyway, it seems we can’t stop them, then why not make them contribute to the society they otherwise refuse to be productive in.

The social unrest in our country right now is not a product of Donald J. Trump, or his actions. These events were put into place long ago. We have seen the hypocrisy of generations of Americans, and her leaders. President Trump is not a hypocrite. And he certainly is not one of these career politicians. He is here to fix this for us, as only a true outsider can.

I was invited recently to attend, as a special guest, events with President Trump and Vice President Pence. I find myself inspired by people like them, and hope one day to find a way to contribute to public health in the way they have.

Joe Moralez,

Executive member,

Northumberland County

Republican Committee


Freedom denied

Political season has arrived in the Commonwealth, with political signs popping up everywhere. Biden signs, appearing mid-July, disappear almost as soon as they appear. Not only are they being stolen, many are being angrily defaced, mangled, and thrown back in yards. Each year some signs are taken, but this year Biden signs are being stolen at an unprecedented rate. Why?

For more than four years, every major route throughout the area has been decorated with Trump signs and, with rare exceptions, they’ve been left untouched. Every American is blessed with a right to enjoy freedom of expression. No one should have political expression violated. One wonders what has polarized and emboldened people enough to infringe boldly on property rights and freedoms. Could this disregard of personal property and constitutional rights be spawned by the constant divisive language of the current administration?

This isn’t either a joke or prank. It’s another step towards chaos and away from law and order and our Constitution. It’s thievery, punishable by fines up to $2,500 and possible jail time. These sophomoric actions force residents to install security cameras and file police reports to protect their First Amendment rights. Ask yourself, “Is this the America I really want”?

We are better than this as a people and as a Nation. When you see political signs disappearing, know that unAmerican tactics are at work. Help those accountable finally accept responsibility. It is time to get America back towards a more perfect union for respect, stability, and decency.

Rick Thomas,

Chair, Union County

Democratic Committee



I’ve read where our government was considering reparations for living decendants of black slaves, back when! Such an act is unbelievable. A wrong was made, and it was made right! They were freed.

If they’re going to do this, let’s look at how many wrongs were committed back when. Let us not forget all the US Japanese after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. They were rounded up here in the US, stripped of their money, homes, etc. and incarcerated in internment camps. Remember that?

They were considered a threat! So, we here should owe these descendants living today reparations also? Right?

And also Germans did the same thing to the Jews — stripped them of everything, money, homes, jewelry, everything, and put them in concentration camps only to be killed and put in ovens and after the ashes were screened through for gold teeth!

Now, here again the German government should give all the living decendants of the Holocaust reparations!

So you see, everyone did wrongs so what’s good for the blacks, Japanese, Jews, should be ignored. You see, when it boils down to it, we the taxpayers will be burdened with this unheard of rhetoric, and pay in taxes money given to the above.

No way!

Also there should be an investigation of these multi-billionaires who are providing the money, transportation, of the criminal mobs that’s looting, burning, killing in these Democratic cities. Those leftist groups, being antifa and BLM, these thugs are being paid and transported by bus, planes, etc. to these various cities to do what we’re seeing on TV.

When and if it’s all over, you know who the hell is going to foot the bill for rebuilding, lost wages, inventory, etc. Yes, again we the taxpayers.

I won’t mention who the multi-billionaires are, you heard the names on TV that are supposed to be financing these hoods. If the investigations by the DOJ and FBI confirms it to be so, they should be arrested, put in jail for life, no parole! Then all the money, assets, everything confiscated and the total amount derived from all their holdings go back to these folks who lost their business, buildings, inventory, income, etc.

I would like to see President Trump and our government invoke such a bill. This is what needs to be done now! This is unreal and must be stopped now!

Albert Golfieri,

White Deer


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