Rarely does a topic touch off as much participation on the opinion page as has the “Drive for Five” in East Buffalo Township.

Some there feel it’s time for the growing township to go from three to five supervisors.

If you’ve followed this page over the last several weeks, you’ve seen plenty of opposition to that notion.

Ultimately, it’s a question for voters of the township.

Some, like me, are curious why there’s such a concentrated opposition to increasing the number of supervisors — at a relatively small cost — when there’s little to no complaint about our bloated state legislature, salaries, pensions and the massive taxpayer spending associated with sending representatives to Washington.

The thought of additional local representation elicits quite a response, but the fact we as Pennsylvanians could save hundreds of millions of dollars annually by trimming our state legislature is rarely discussed. What about the 500 school districts spread across just 67 counties? How much money could taxpayers save by cutting that to a still-mammoth 250 districts and thus, 250 superintendent salaries, pensions, etc.?

What about all the money we spend on salaries for representation in Washington, as well as the pensions and benefits? Your federal representation starts at $174,000 annually, which does not include “Cadillac” health care for entire families, pensions and per diems, all of which we foot the bill for.

When it comes to taxpayer-funded salaries, local representation is not breaking the bank.

Chris Brady is managing editor at The Standard-Journal. He can be reached at chris@standard-journal.com.

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