What a great performance Friday by the US Army Field Band and Soldiers’ Chorus.

It has been wonderful hearing the responses from those in attendance, especially the veterans. So many of you have commented on the show and expressed your thanks to The Standard-Journal for bringing the performance to the area.

A World War II and Korean veteran said he was moved to tears. Others have told me they will never forget the evening.

The professional nature of the performance was to be expected. Musicians from across the country audition for a shot at earning one of the coveted spots in the touring field band. But there’s so much more to the men and women who make up this band and chorus.

Members did an outstanding job navigating the listener through America’s rich history. The music provided a backdrop that proved inspiring, and yes, very moving.

Those who spent any time chatting with band or chorus members can attest to the professionalism of these tremendous soldiers — and yes, they are soldiers. Many took time to chat with the public and answer questions.

Wandering the halls backstage, it was interesting to see the production leading up to, and beyond showtime. Many of these soldiers, just like those in the field, are parents. They were on their cellphones and texting between sound checks and any last-minute adjustments prior to taking the stage.

Others were sitting on road cases, eating what may have been dinner or a snack prior to hitting the stage.

These touring musicians spend quite a bit of time away from home, and do it in service of the country. They take that aspect of the job very seriously.

Master Sgt. Brian Sacawa, who narrated the evening’s performance, while also serving as a section leader, talked with me about the dedication of the soldiers. He did so with a smile on his face the entire time.

The mission of the US Army Field Band and Soldiers’ Chorus is an admirable one, and in these times, much needed.

We can never forget our history, and the service and sacrifice of our fighting men and women.

Thankfully for those in attendance Friday night at Milton Area High School, they saw that up close and personal.

Chris Brady is managing editor at The Standard-Journal. He can be reached at chris@standard-journal.com.

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