Responding to ‘Great Turnout’

I’m glad you had a good turnout at The Campus Theatre. But let’s get some things straight. Columbine was a “gun-free zone.”

Try getting into The Big House in Lewisburg with a gun. You will die at the gate. Why? Because in America we protect our lawbreakers and prisoners, not our children, churches or police.

You mention common-sense gun laws. Remember the man in Milton who shot another several weeks ago over a wool hat? This was his umpteenth arrest committing a felony with a gun. And he will walk because, according to several probation officers, he will plead out and serve very little time.

You want justice? Focus on the criminal, not the law-abiding citizens of this great country. Your comment that these laws will save lives has proven false over and over. Enforcing the current laws, on the other hand, would be a great start.

To say Moms Demand Action is a 2nd Amendment supporting non-partisan organization is not true. Look at who pays your bills. You are correct in saying 100 Americans die every day in this country. young black males killing young black males account for over 98% of murders in this country. Last year Maryland had 400 murders, 95% of these in Baltimore — several others in surrounding towns.

As a matter of fact, the vast majority of murders in this country happen in Democrat-controlled cities. Eliminate Baltimore, LA and Polk County, Chicago, (just three) and America’s murder rate drops exponentially, making America one of the safest countries in the entire world.

In 2019 over 1 million cases were reported to law enforcement of law-abiding citizens successfully defending themselves, friends, family and complete strangers against rape, robbery, murder and worse — with a legally owned firearm. Many, many of these cases were women protecting their families. By making it substantially harder for law-abiding women to obtain a firearm, your logic tells us somehow the roughly 50,000 rapes that happened in Baltimore last year will drop as well as the murder rate. That’s rich.

If you truly believe in saving lives, get rid of the Democrats running the 15 most violent cities in this country. Support law enforcement. Support law-abiding citizens’ 2nd Amendment right to defend themselves and watch the victim rate plummet.

David E. Redcay,


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