Enough already with the politicization of wearing a mask.

If you are so hellbent on not wearing a mask, then I can safely assume the next time you visit the dentist or doctor, you will be fine with those professionals doing their intricate work sans mask.

“No,” you say. Huh. Why do you think doctors, surgeons, dentists and hygienists wear masks?

Well, quite simply it is to keep you safe. YOU.

The same is true of masks in age of COVID. You wear a mask to protect others.

Cite all the social media memes you want. Delve into fake news and credit the bozos spouting their version of research related to facial masks and the effectiveness of those masks in preventing the spread of germs, and viruses. The simple truth is the overwhelming majority of health experts say facial coverings go a long way toward reducing the spread of such viruses.

That’s enough for me.

It should be enough for you, too. However, you are free to rely on social media for information related to matters of science and medicine. It’s your right as an American.

Which brings us to freedom, and how it is being cited in this ridiculous argument.

There are many elements of freedom that are regulated, you know? You can’t walk into a grocery store without a shirt or shoes. You can’t carry a gun into the county courthouse. You can’t walk down Main Street without pants. You can’t yell “Fire!” in a crowded theater or gathering spot. You can’t interrupt a public meeting, curse on the radio airwaves or slander another person in print. You can’t walk into a store, pick up your favorite brand of chewing gum and walk out without paying.

There are many elements of public policy, and law, designed to keep you, and others, safe. Think seat belts, vehicle inspections, speed limits and building codes.

All of these examples are meant to illustrate limitations to outright freedom.

Yet somehow, a mask has everyone discombobulated, bewildered — and in many cases, outright angry.

Seriously? This gets you riled up.

I’d say I hate to bring this up again, but I really don’t... Americans endured rations on food, fuel, clothing and many other purchases when mired in World War II. If you remember, we lost 400,000 fellow citizens during that four-year war. In just over three months we’ve lost over 120,000 fellow Americans to COVID-19, so a mask and some social distancing seems like relatively little to ask.

No one is asking you to alter your lifestyle. No one is asking anything unreasonable of you. And, I’m pretty sure no one truly enjoys wearing a mask.

Science is the only thing that will free us from this virus, however science is being victimized, criticized and decried in this debate. Much of this stems from the highest office in the land, but the simple truth remains — only science, a vaccine developed by researchers and experts in the field of science, will free us from this virus.

All these scientists are asking is that while they seek a vaccine or a cure that you wear a mask when in the presence of others, so as to protect them and reduce the likelihood of spread. Others are asked to do the same to protect you.

It seems a relatively small ask for Americans intent on defeating the spread of a virus that is sickening and killing fellow Americans.

Chris Brady is managing editor at The Standard-Journal and can be reached at chris@standard-journal.com.

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