No more mulligans

I have been following the debate related to Trump’s calling veterans losers and suckers. Really? Does anyone doubt he said it? If you have listened to his news conferences and rallies you know he loves calling people who disagree with him hateful names, even mocking handicap people.

During my time I have lived through many presidents, Republican and Democrat, and have never known any of them to try to divide our country by fostering such a hateful environment like this president. I have heard him say Democrats hate America and are not patriotic. When I hear this I think of my four brothers who served in WWII and my own service in Korea. This president refused his call to service five times during the Vietnam War and he accuses me of not being patriotic. He calls names of not only Democrats and veterans but any Republicans who disagree with him. You have heard him call Lying Ted, Low Energy Jeb and Little Marco. John McCain was not a war hero but a loser according to Trump. So I don’t accept his standard response that it’s fake news. He called veterans losers and suckers.

In a discussion with a friend who was a Trump supporter I pointed out his constant lying — over 20,000 times by some reports. I pointed out the filth that comes out of his mouth toward woman and immigrants, and his refusal to condemn white supremacist, Neo-Nazi’s, KKK and armed militias. My friend’s response was “all politicians lie, they all do it.” Wow – what a message that is to send to our youth – it’s OK to lie. He is a terrible role model for our youth who see and hear this disgusting behavior daily.

And now we hear his most grievous lying to the American people which is he was aware of the severity of COVID-19 as early as January of this year. Over 195,000 deaths and he is still downplaying the impact on families and our economy. Attending rallies and refusing to set an example for masking and social distancing guidelines from his own health officials. What incompetence.

How many mulligans are we gong to allow in the defense of Trumpism.

Don Wilver Sr.

New Columbia


Free, fair speech?

We are concerned about freedom of speech. My wife and I have lived in the beautiful countryside of Delaware Township for 42 years, both of us involved in serving our communities. My wife was a music educator and I worked in regional economic development. From my early childhood days we both were taught to be involved in our communities and to respect other people.

Recently my wife and I decided to express our support for the presidential candidate we thought would best serve our country for the next four years. We placed yard signs at different points on our property to exercise our freedom of speech. This action in part was a response to many of our neighbors who have exercised their right to freedom of speech and have placed signs on their property stating their choice for the president this November.

I applaud and support my neighbors’ right to express their constitutional rights of getting involved in political campaigns. What we don’t respect is the fact that our signs were either defaced or removed within 24 hours of them being placed on our property. We have a right to express our opinion the same way our neighbors do and our neighbors have a responsibility in our free society to understand that differences make America strong.

When our neighbors see our signs, what are they afraid of? As FDR said “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Unfortunately one campaign for president has as its central focus the creation of fear in all of us and the other is focused on integrity and hope. We choose integrity and hope and we should have the right to stand for that through self expression and freedom of speech.

Jean and Bob Hormell,

Delaware Township,

Northumberland County


Fair coverage?

Why is it whenever blacks are hassled by the police it makes headlines, and is on the news for months, but when a yellow person or a red person or white is hassled by the police nothing ever comes of it?

Leroy Mitch,



Read the entire letter

In response to Trey Casimir’s letter Sept. 12 in the Daily Item, had he read my entire letter, which by the way was in The Standard-Journal (Tuesday, Sept. 8), he would better understand.

The Daily Item cut the letter. I called as soon as I saw they had not published my letter in its entirety. They told me it was company policy since it included two different subjects. I was told it would be in at a later date.

After hanging up, I thought, “What the hell is he talking about?” as it was about we, the lower income and middle class will again be saddled with raparations, and rebuiding of these Democratic cities that are run by Democratic mayors and governors. These cities have been devastated by fires, looting. Store owners will get money to rebuild and replenish lost inventory, wages, etc., and you know who will be hit with an increase in taxes.

Again, we, the lower and middle class!

What the hell is a couple more trillion dollars to our budget?

For those who got The Standard-Journal and read my entire letter, you saw I was pointing the finger at these cities that are run by Democratic mayors and governors.

The Democrats do not want lower and middle income, just a socialist government.

Albert Golfieri,

White Deer

Chris Brady is managing editor at The Standard-Journal and can be reached at

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