John Meckley

I am a lifelong Republican and resident of the Susquehanna Valley. I was honored to be the Republican nominee for Congress in the former Pa.-6 Congressional District and I am proud to have served as chairman of the Northumberland County Republican Committee. Since casting my first vote in 1988, I do not recall an election more important than this one. And, as difficult as it may be for some members of our party to understand, in this election, it is important that we do NOT re-elect Donald Trump. I certainly respect the opinions of those who may disagree with me, but for those Republicans, independents or others who are unsure, uncomfortable or unhappy with the status quo, please know that you are not alone.

As a Republican, and an American, I expect a lot of a president. I expect a president to be a statesman, to epitomize what it is about America that is exceptional, to treat others — especially those with whom he disagrees — with respect and, above all, to tell the truth. The current president does none of these things. I expect a president to protect and defend the Constitution, to respect the law, and to govern in the best interests of all Americans. The current president seems to understand none of these things.

A president should treat his fellow Americans fairly and with compassion and to deal with foreign dictators firmly and with contempt for their authoritarianism. The current president appears to do just the opposite. A self-proclaimed wartime president should defend America against its enemies — including a pandemic that now kills 1,000 or more of us every day. The current president appears to have no plan to do so, and instead offers conflicting messages, ignores the experts who are best placed to help and seems content to stand by as more Americans die.

As Republicans, we are supposed to be guided by the notion of personal responsibility, yet the current leader of our party takes no responsibility for his shortcomings; he only blames others. As Republicans, we are supposed to have a big tent with big ideas; yet our current leader only welcomes a few into the tent and only considers ideas that serve his personal interests. This is not a recipe for success; it is a strategy that will shrink our party and doom it to long-term failure.

By any honest measure, under our current president, our economy is weaker, the health of our nation is weaker, America’s standing in the world is weaker. But let me be clear, it is not weakness for members of our party to admit these things; it only becomes weakness if we do nothing. It only becomes weakness if we re-elect this president.

Some people say “why bother, all politicians lie and are corrupt.” Well, that’s not true. We know better. And we deserve better than that, as a party and a people.

We may disagree with the policy positions of the President’s opponent, but we will have another day to debate those differences. This year, what’s more important is to give our party a chance to fight another day. And that cannot happen with this President. This year, what’s more important is to give our nation a chance to heal. And that can only happen if this President is defeated.

In this election, it is NOT disloyal to the Republican party to vote for Vice President Biden. As Republicans, we can and should vote for Joe Biden with a clear conscious — for the future of our party and the nation as a whole. Doing so is the only way we can be true to the ideals on which our party was founded, and true to the promise that still is America.

John Meckley,



John Meckley is former chairman of the Northumberland County Republican Committee, and a former Republican nominee for U.S. Congress (Pa.-6)

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Kudos to John Meckley for having the courage to say what the rest of the GOP is afraid to say about the failings of the current resident of the White House. While the Repuglican Senate refused to do its job during the impeachment process, the voters can do what is right and necessary on November 3rd.

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