Union County

President Judge Michael T. Hudock Sentences

• Kaloni N. Holt, 30, of New Columbia, was sentenced to 48 hours to six months confinement for a guilty plea to first offense DUI general impairment, incapacity of driving safely, a misdemeanor.

• Tavieus T. McLaurin, 24, of York, was sentenced to 72 hours to six months confinement for a guilty plea to first offense DUI controlled substance or metabolite, a misdemeanor.

• Joran D. Rodriguez, 21, of Grantville, received five years IPP (Intermediate Punishment Program) for a guilty plea to second offense DUI controlled substance impaired ability, a misdemeanor.

• Brent D. Wagner, 35, of Lewisburg, received one year probation for a no contest plea to misdemeanor simple assault. A felony count of endangering the welfare of children, parent, guardian or other commits offense was dismissed.

District Judge Richard Cashman, Lewisburg Summary trial

• Jason Scott Pontius, 32, of Lewisburg, entered a guilty plea to driving without a license, a summary charge.

Courthouse Marriage licenses

• Courtney Lynette Benner, 23, Mifflinburg; Clark Abraham Wagner, 23, Mifflinburg

• Mark Henry Trutt, 54, Lewisburg; Jackie Lynn Case, 51, Lewisburg

Divorces granted

• Cassandra L.I. Kusibab, Paul Kusibab, 1 year

• Danielle C. Knouse, Cord M. Knouse, 1 year

• Leslie P. Harnish, Steven Harnish, 6 years

Snyder County

State Police At Selinsgrove Harassment

• 11:05 p.m. Nov. 23 along Route 204, Penn Township.

Troopers were dispatched for a reported altercation between mother and son. Troopers said a 40-year-old Selinsgrove woman and a 17-year-old Selinsgrove boy subjected one another to physical contact during an altercation and both were cited.


• 5 p.m. Nov. 10 along Stage Road, West Beaver Township.

Troopers investigated a possible harassment and charged a 14-year-old Beaver Springs girl, it was noted. The victim was a 17-year-old McClure girl.

Lycoming County

State Police At Montoursville 2-vehicle crash

• 7:42 a.m. Wednesday along Route 405 at Angletown Road, Muncy Creek Township.

Troopers said a 2015 Ford F150 driven by Gail L. Hudson, 58, of Cogan Station, struck the rear of a 1998 Mazda Protege driven by Bradley A. Mitsdarfer, 56, of Muncy. Both drivers were belted and no injuries were noted.

Hit and run

• 5:36 p.m. Wednesday along Route 15, east of Skyline Drive, Armstrong Township.

Troopers said a 2017 Nissan Quest driven by an unnamed person was traveling south in the right lane when it attempted to pass a 2016 Jeep Patriot driven by Samuel P. Tillman, 21, of Harrisburg, and sideswiped the passenger side of the Jeep, then continued south and fled the scene. No one was reported injured.

Drug possession

• 12:19 p.m. Nov. 15 along Sechler Drive, Fairfield Township.

A father suspected his son was in possession of marijuana, though a police search found no narcotics.

Drug possession

• 1:15 p.m. Tuesday at 330 Westminster Drive, Loyalsock Township.

An unresponsive woman was found in the bathroom at Sheetz, police noted. Melissa Strayer, 26, of Williamsport, was charged after she was found with needles and multiple bags of heroin in her possession, troopers reported.

Scattering rubbish

• 12:40 p.m. Nov. 20 at 201 Browns Lane, Woodward Township.

Someone dumped trash onto the property of an unnamed person, troopers reported. The suspect removed the trash and no charges were filed.

Northumberland County

Courthouse Deed transfters

• Delmont E. Stiffler and Cora L. Stiffler to Delmont E. Stiffler, Cora L. Stiffler and Scott H. Stiffler, property in Delaware Township, $1.

• Richard L. Umstead to Richard L. Umstead, property in Turbotville, $1.

• Northumberland County Sheriff and Cheyenne Yordy to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, property in Milton, $2,652.45.

• Wilma J. Rishel to Hans Michael Backhus, property in Delaware Towsnhip, $74,200.

• Lisa K. Reichelderfer estate, David Reichelderfer and Robert F. Reichelderfer to Philip Herman and Lindsay Herman, property in Turbot Township, $83,000.

• Thelma E. Lloyd and Gerald L. Llody to Clayton A. King, property in Watsontown, $110,000.

• Joshua L. Frank to Courtney A. King, property in McEwensville, $27,000.

• Gail A. Fike, Gail A. Marek and Luke Marek to Jan A. Prosseda, property in Milton, $124,000.

• Bonnie Kay Bon Giorno and Mary Ellen Bon Giorno estate to Bonnie Kay Bon Giorno, property in West Chillisquaque Township, $1.

• Tina M. Andrews and Tina M. Snell to Severan M. Snell, property in Delaware Township, $1.

• Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Company LLC to Meade Piplein Co. LLC, property in Ralpho Township, $39,686.

• Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Company LLC to Meade Pipeline Co. LLC, property in Coal Township, $520,095.

• Real Capital Group LLC to Andrelle Chavannes, properties in Coal and Mount Carmel townships, $4,000.

• Real Capital Group LLC to William Boyle, property in Mount Carmel Township, $4,000.

• Jennifer J. Sands to Travis Black and Josie M. Kohler, property in Coal Township, $1.

• Mabel M. Leininger to James S. Calhoun and Rebekah F. Calhoun, property in Shamokin Township, $1.

• Maria J. H. James and Tyler S. James to Tyler S. James and Maria J. James, property in Coal Township, $1.

• Joseph C. Maliszewski estate and Marianne F. Halko executrix to Ronald C. Kerstetter and Erin I. Kerstetter, property in Coal Township, $172,000.

• Darrel D. Hutchinson to Jacob P. Swank, property in Shamokin Township, $30,000.

• Terry L. Swartz to Tarheel Properties LLC, property in Coal Township, $12,000.

• Thomas M. Breslin to Joshua Bosack, property in Mount Carmel, $32,500.

• Joseph H. Stender III and Rimanda D. Stender to Sean Versluis, property in Point Township, $149,900.

• Adam P. Troxell and Tracey A. Troxell to Collein T. Coxe, property in Sunbury, $101,000.

• Mount Carmel Properties LLC and Sai Arcos LLC to Mount Carmel Properties LLC, property in Mount Carmel Township, $10.

• Northumberland County Tax Claim Bureau, Emily May Anderson, Herbert E. Anderson, Scott E. Anderson, Roy M. Anderson and Daniel B. Anderson to Richard Diedosh Sr., property in Coal Township, $4,289.16.

• Northumberland County Tax Claim Bureau, Michael Anderson and Joanne Anderson to Darlene Baney, property in Coal Township, $3,849.26.

• Northumberland County Tax Claim Bureau, Joseph F. Foyle and Joyce E. Foyle to Frederick D. Shingara, property in Coal Township, $9,000.

• Northumberland County Tax Claim Bureau, Nicholas Langis and Julia Frisby to Patrick Joseph Glanzmann, property in Mount Carmel, $2,005.58.

• Northumberland County Tax Claim Bureau and Thofilia Lisiewiski to Terry L. Rhoads, property in Mount Carmel, $2,423.25.

• Northumberland County Tax Claim Bureau and Thomas Wilke to Harry Masker and Marjeana Masker, property in Mount Carmel, $2,116.94.

• Formation LLC to Elite Integrity Group LLC, property in Mount Carmel, $1.

• First Baptist Church Sunbury to First Baptist Church Sunbury, property in Sunbury, $1.

• Krisko Ventures LLC to Ryan Kogut and Samantha M. Kogut, property in Shamokin, $50,000.

• Barbara Griffiths and Susan Stone to Vought Pipe and Supply Inc., property in Ralpho Township, $60,000.

• Neil S. Bohm and Linda S. Bohm to Jace Cresswell and Amanda Cresswell, property in Sunbury, $1.

• Sunbury Realty LLC to Deborah M. Bordner, property in Sunbury, $1.

• Italia Realty LLC to Yedid Management Group LLC, property in Sunbury, $1.

• James A. Lauffer estate and Brian J. Lauffer executor to Michael C. Haddon, property in Northumberland, $69,900.

• William G. Wise to Kenneth John Glosek, property in Ralpho Township, $220,000.

• Brandon J. Mendoza to Max Motko and Taylor Motko, property in Coal Township, $84,500.

• Linda L. Vincenzes to David J. Celvi and Lynn Celvi, property in Mount Carmel Township, $1,000.

• Matthew D. Bressi to Matthew D. Bressi and Leanne Rosini, property in Kulpmont, $1.

• Marion H. Palmer to Center State Properties Inc., property in Mount Carmel, $5,000.

• Shawn M. Hackenberg, Jessica N. Bergenstock and Jessica N. Hackenberg to Alexandria J. Simon, property in Riverside, $119,000.

Marriage licenses

• Kerry Sandly, 32, of Watsontown, and Daniel Hill, 32, of Watsontown.

• Sheyla Roque, 47, of Shamokin, and Feliz Valez, 58, of Shamokin.

• Robin Persing, 55, of Paxinos and Sodany Im, 36, of Cambodia.

• Melissa Baker, 34, of Coal Township, and David Puckett, 37, of Coal Township.

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