LEWISBURG — Felony drug delivery and related charges have been filed against two Milton residents stemming from the alleged overdose death of a Union County man.

Buffalo Valley Regional Police Department (BVRPD) filed charges against Brady Charles Hall, 37, of 335 Hepburn St., Milton, and Kelly Marie Rice, 26, of 752 N. Front St., Milton, in connection with the death of Cody Yearick in May. The alleged incident occurred May 29 at 30 S. Fifth St., Lewisburg.

Rice was jailed in Union County while Hall remains at large.

Hall and Rice were charged with felony counts of drug delivery resulting in death, criminal conspiracy-drug delivery resulting in death, delivery of a controlled substance, criminal conspiracy-delivery of a controlled substance and criminal use of communication facility.

Court papers indicate officers from Buffalo Valley Regional Police arrived at 11:47 p.m. Friday, May 29, to the South Fifth Street location and identified Cody Yearick, who was suffering from an alleged overdose. Police administered Narcan and began CPR until additional emergency personnel arrived. Yearick was transported by ambulance to Evangelical Community Hospital, Lewisburg, where he was pronounced dead, police noted.

Union County Coroner Dominic Adamo reportedly listed Yearick’s cause of death as acute fentanyl overdose, based on court documents. Injection sites were noted on Yearick’s arm.

Police said Hall and Rice were identified as suspects based on witness interviews and Yearick’s cell phone records. During an interview with police, Rice said she was at Yearick’s address and used heroin with Yearick.

Additionally, police said Rice contacted Hall to facilitate the sale and delivery of the heroin on May 29.

Rice allegedly picked up Hall along Broadway in Milton and the two drove to Yearick’s place of employment, a Milton truck stop. Hall allegedly told Yearick, “Be careful with the stuff because it is strong.”

Court papers indicate Yearick received six bags of heroin from Hall, of which Yearick gave Rice two bags. Rice then drove Hall back to his Hepburn street home.

Rice allegedly went to Yearick’s later that evening, where the two allegedly used heroin.

Police also noted Yearick’s movements during the date in question were confirmed based on an ankle monitor he was wearing out of Lycoming County.

Rice allegedly denied assisting Yearick with ingesting the drugs and told police she did not know the drug was fentanyl.

Rice is to appear at 3:45 p.m. Thursday for a preliminary hearing before District Judge Jeffrey Rowe, Lewisburg.

Paul Yost, BVRPD chief, said all necessary resources were being used to locate Hall. Papers filed indicated Hall was subject to an ongoing investigation by a separate law enforcement agency.

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