LEWISBURG — Michael Brody, yet to be sworn in as Ward 1 representative on Lewisburg Borough Council, was named to the board of the Buffalo Valley Recreation Authority representing the borough.

William Lowthert, borough manager, said the position could be effective immediately, as Brody was named as a Lewisburg resident rather than as a council member on Tuesday night. Brody will be formally sworn in as a council member in March.

The BVRA board has struggled of late to field a quorum for its business meetings.

Elsewhere, the council rejected all bids opened in January for the South Sixth Street Floodplain Restoration Project, funded by a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG). However, the CDBG-funded South Sixth Street Floodplain Restoration Project with a selected option of a manufactured wall along the creek edge was put out to bid.

Four Historical Architecture and Review Board (HARB) Certificates of Appropriateness were approved. They included widows, floor and a porch for David and Kristen Koconis (206 S. Second St.), roof, siding and porch for Brenda Finucane (36 N. Front St.), a front door for Mary Stover (114 S. Fifth St.) and windows for the Bucknell University Barnes and Noble. No action was taken by HARB for a sign for Sydney Stieler, Deja Vu (322 Market St.) because no one was present at the HARB meeting.

Council approved signs alerting drivers of the Brake Retarder Prohibition Ordinance. They will be installed by the Public Works department. Lowthert noted the ordinance was adopted many years ago.

A request will be made for a speed study to be conducted by PennDOT along Market Street. It was a recommendation of the public/private Market Street Corridor Study. Lowthert noted the state agency needs an official request.

Council granted the request of the Gardner family to a return a painting which once hung in council chambers before renovation. It was painted by Charles Gardner, amateur artist, but did not fit the borough-related theme of the artwork in the new council chambers. Lowthert noted Lewisburg Studios contacted the borough and asked it to be returned if the borough had no plans to display it again in a public location.

Staff writer Matt Farrand can be reached at 570-742-9671 and via email at matt@standard-journal.com.

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