BU junior writes STEM book for kids

Emily Bayuk, a Bucknell University junior, said the idea for a STEM-themed book about electric circuitry originated while she was still in high school.

LEWISBURG — A Bucknell University student came up with an idea for an educational book while she was still in high school.

Emily Bayuk, a junior class member from Bedford, N.Y., said the idea led to her writing and illustrating “Inside Electronics: Fundamentals of Circuits Made Easy.”

Bayuk recalled her scholarship project idea as a high school senior was one of five picked for completion that year. Now an electrical engineering major, she was really into circuits at the time.

“I mostly took apart each part of the circuit,” Bayuk said. “You have different components that make a circuit work, like resistors and capacitors, things like that.”

It also occurred to Bayuk that while young people may have heard of the components in everyday devices, they may not know how they work.

Bayuk chose the color pink for the cover art of the 29-page publication, available via Amazon.

“It’s mostly for girls but guys can use it too,” she said. “I really want to get girls involved in STEM. I know that some disciplines have a larger amount of girls than others, but electrical engineering specifically has a larger gender gap.”

Bayuk hoped that “Inside Electronics” series would continue with books about electronic signals and electron flow.

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